12 things you shouldn’t miss in Sri Lanka – Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel


With untouched golden beaches to discover, atmospheric train rides through tea-carpeted hills, and ancient temples to admire, Sri Lanka is Lonely Planet’s top country to travel to in 2019. Here are 12 more reasons to visit next year.

Find the full list of Best in Travel 2019 destinations at https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel

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  1. Sri Lanka is a very bad economic state now with shortage of food, fuel, elecicity and other essentional items. Check the news on the political situation before travel as lots of tourists are standed in hotels now due to lack of fuel and transport

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  3. I'm in love with Sri Lanka. We spent 14 nights there and we were amazed by the rich culture, spectacular views in Tea Country and wild life. We will definitely go back when travel restrictions relaxed. We arranged the tour with a Travel Agent called Red Dot Tours – https://www.reddottours.com/ which was recommended by our in-laws. Their chauffeur guide was knowledgeable and professional.

  4. SOS from Sri Lanka. The stunningly beautiful bay of Mawella in Tangalle is to be butchered by a fisheries harbour and is to lose billions of Rupees worth of investment in tourism there. There are many non touristic bays around there if they want to build, not one, but many fisheries harbors. Please intervene. This is very urgent as work on harbor pier has been inaugurated last Sunday 6th Dec 2020. Can you help?


  5. Srilanka is an island country which fulfilled with gorgeous bio diversity and mind blowing Culture as well as food…If you need to change your whether condition …only 2-3 hours you will needed…That's why it's called "Pearl of the Indian Ocean"…and the "Wonder of Asia"… SRILANKA 🇱🇰❤💥💯🌴🏖️️🦋

  6. I was in SL in october 2019 and loved so much, Sri Lankans are best people in the world! It was the greatest experience ever and I hope to come back soon 🥰

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