38 Best Places to visit in Sri Lanka | TOP 38 Places in Sri Lanka for Solo Travel


38 Best Places to visit in Sri Lanka | TOP 38 Places in Sri Lanka for Solo Travel

Nostalgia by Johny Grimes https://soundcloud.com/johny-grimes
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  1. இயற்கை அழகை சுமந்து கொண்டிருக்கும் என் தாய் நாடு என்றும் ஆழகிலும் பசுமையிலும் உலகில் சிறந்தவலே … என் தாய் மாதா இலங்கை என்றும் உயர்ந்தவள்.❤❤❤❤❤❤ALWAYS I LOVE MY COUNTRY ❤❤❤

  2. One of the best video about SRI LANKA
    But Sri Lankan video makes never show about
    Christian churches
    In Sri Lanka
    Remember so many christians Travel to Sri Lanka .
    May be something them to think ….I hope they're not hate Christians .😖

  3. I pray for sri lanca people learn to survive without the food that they used to eat the time that the economy is good. May the Maker of this world earth Jesus Christ guide them, teach them to survive and live peacefully with the natural resources they have available in thier backyard. Remember the old days we can cook without gas, we can peach water with out bill, we can produce light at night even we dont have gas. Lord please help us all people around the globe who's calling you for guidance enlightenment, protection, love and ideas for the good of everybody….

  4. It's amazing to see my country like this. Thank you and just le us know if you need any help and I'm a tour guide in Sri Lanka and will upload my content about Sri Lanka soon. Stay tuned buddy . Love you all and stay safe.

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