Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex – Gampola


Ever heard of Ambuluwawa Tower? Ambuluwawa Tower is one of the must-see attractions in Sri Lanka if you’re there for a day trip or a longer vacation. Ambuluwawa Tower is accessible via Gampola or Kandy. There are 200 plants at this site, which is 3567 meters above sea level, representing 80 different species. We are aware that the ascent to the summit is somewhat difficult, but as we all know, the views are always better at the top of the hardest ascents. The North Mountain range of Knuckles, South Sri Pada or Adams Peak, West Bathalegala or Bible Rock, and East Piduruthalagala Mountain are some of the most beautiful views that can be seen from this tower.

One can experience the most breathtaking views when they reach the top of Ambuluwawa, however they are occasionally obscured by the persistent mist. Climbers, especially those who have a phobia of heights, may become alarmed by the view once the mist has cleared. You should know that trekking Ambuluwawa is not in any way unsafe or dangerous, but it would not be the best kind of experience for people who are afraid of heights.

Avoid leaning on the railing to take pictures, especially at the top where it is quite dangerous and easy to fall over. Ambuluwawa is a reasonably simple trek that offers 360-degree views of the mountains, forests, rivers, and villages nearby. It is a very diversified location, with evergreen forests, flowering plants in bloom as well as creepers, and over 200 distinct species of plants from 80 different plant groups, including a number of medicinal plants.

Piduruthalagala, Bible Rock (Bathalegala), Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak), and the Knuckles Mountain Range are only a few of the mountains that surround Ambuluwawa. Many other mountains, in addition to these, are also readily visible from here and enhance the grandeur of the landscape. These include the Hunnasigiri Mountain, the Hanthana Mountain Range, and the mountain ranges connected to Algalla and Kadugannawa.

This is why the area has a refreshing mountain breeze. The Ambuluwawa ICC Forest Reservation is a forest reservation that protects Ambuluwawa Hill and the surrounding forest. The Ambuluwawa Temple has a long history that begins in the 13th century under King Buwanekabahu IV. According to legend, the Gampola Kingdom was centered on the Ambuluwawa Peak during his rule. However, nothing in this area has any significance for history or archaeology.

Getting there: 

Nearest Town: Gampola

You can travel by train to visit Ambuluwawa Tower. Gampola is the nearest train station. 

It is advisable to hire a tuk-tuk/taxi from Gampola if you are getting there by public transport.

Gates open at 8.30 am.

The distance from the entrance to the mountain peak is about 2.5 -3 km. You can take your car, hire a TUK TUK or walk to the top. 

Ambuluwawa Location on the Google Map

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