Ambuluwawa Tower Beautiful Places in Sri Lanka


Ambuluwawa is located in Sri Lanka’s Gampola district. Ambuluwawa is the first multi-religious center and ecological diversity complex of Sri Lanka and is located 5 km from the Gampola to Hemmathagama Road. The peak of this magnificent mountain has a Buddhist temple, a Hindu kovil, and a mosque.

The Ambuluwawa Bio Diversity Center is opened by the Honorable D.M. jayarathna. Ambuluwa is maintained by the Ambuluwawa Development and Conservation Authority. This facility is located at about 3567 feet above sea level, and Ambuluwava offers chances for research as well as enjoyment of the natural beauty. The Ambuluwawa mountain is surrounded by equally spaced evergreen woods and has a cool climate similar to that of Sri Padaya.


Ambuluwawa is regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s top tourist destinations. Many residents as well as visitors frequent this lovely planted garden. If you’re in Gampola, Sri Lanka, Ambuluwa is a wonderful place to visit. Listed below are some photographs I took of Ambuluwawa Mountain there.

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