An app to receive calls from the Dialog Home Broadband router



An app to receive calls from the Dialog Home Broadband router
An app to receive calls from the Dialog Home Broadband router

You may have noticed that there is an RJ-11 jack on the back of your router that you can connect a regular landline phone to.  But buying such a phone just for that is a joke nowadays.  Hybrid routers that also include a phone are troublesome due to their large size.  But, now there is an app for that, so there is no problem.

            The name of the app is Dialog HomeTalk.  Very good sound quality, normal call charges, no data cut while making calls, and ease to use is a special features of this App.

 Here’s how to install the app:

  1. Install Dialog HomeTalk App from Play Store.
  2. Connect the phone to the Dialog Home Broadband WiFi Network.
  3. Then an SMS with an OTP will be sent to the phone number registered with the connection of the router.
  4. Enter the OTP thus received.


Now you will be able to make calls from your router number.  Only one App can be registered at a time.  For example, if you put the HomeTalk App on another phone and follow the steps above, the original phone will be unregistered.  Also, this is not yet available for iOS.

            You can also make IDD calls through this app.  Until 31st July 2020, 22 countries have also got the facility of making IDD calls at a special discount price.

 ·        Saudi Arabia – Landlines at Rs.12 and Mobiles at Rs.14

 ·        United Arab Emirates – Landlines and Mobiles Rs.16

 ·        Italy – landlines at Rs.3 and mobiles at Rs.18

 ·        Qatar – Landlines at Rs.18 and Mobiles at Rs.19

 ·        Oman – Landlines at Rs.15 and Mobiles at Rs.25

Other countries and rates can be found at

More information about the Dialog HomeTalk App can be found at

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