Army Chief commends Guinness Record Breakers


The Guinness World Records that created history for the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps (SLAMC) for removal of the world’s largest and heaviest kidney stone (calculus) at the Colombo Army Hospital several days ago was further recognized by none the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage.

The kidney stone removed on Thursday (1 June) at the Colombo Army Hospital by the Consultant Urologist, Lieutenant Colonel (Dr) K. Sutharshan and his medical team after a major surgery is 13.372 cm long and weighs 801 g.

In appreciation, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage after pinning the Commander’s Commendation Badge to Lieutenant Colonel (Dr) K. Sutharshan on the occasion praised him for his meticulous efforts for the removal of a record kidney stone of this magnitude causing no harm to the life of the patient.

The Consultant Urologist, Lieutenant Colonel (Dr) K. Sutharshan took the lead in the surgery, together with Captain (Dr) W.P.S.C Pathirathna and Dr Thamasha Premathilaka with few others. Colonel (Dr) U.A.L.D Perera and Colonel (Dr) C.S Abeysinghe also contributed to the surgery as Consultant Anaesthetists.

Director General Army Health Services, Major General P.A.C Fernando USP and Lieutenant Colonel (Dr) K. Sutharshan, Head of Genito Urinary Unit at the Colombo Army Hospital who performed the surgery afterwards showed the kidney stone to the Commander of the Army on the same day hours after its removal.

As per the existing Guinness World Records, the largest kidney stone found in the world (India in 2004) was 13 cm in length and the heaviest kidney stone found (Pakistan in 2008) was 620 g in weight.

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