Beautiful Ella


Beautiful Ella
Beautiful Ella

With its tea plantations, mountainous jungles, and cool environment, Ella, a laid-back town in Sri Lanka’s Badulla District, attracts tourists to the country’s highlands. The Ella Gap, a chasm between two hills with soaring vistas, is one of the town’s most well-known features. It is located at a height of 1,041 meters and is home to a variety of species.

The town is most known for its unique nine-arched railway bridge, a great example of Sri Lankan colonial architecture. Popular activities include walking to the bridge from the railroad track, especially when the train is coming. For a tranquil vacation, there are lots of cute eateries, walking paths, and guest houses hidden in the hills. Also accessible is the renowned Lipton’s Seat, from which Sir Thomas Lipton, the founder of Lipton Tea, oversaw the expansion of his vast business.

It is an amazing feat to hike through bamboo trees to the stunning Ella Rock and Little Adam’s Peak. Diyaluma Falls, Sri Lanka’s second-highest waterfall, looks out over natural swimming holes in the Ella mountains. Tea connoisseurs adore Ella Spice Garden, the plantations, and the world-famous Ceylon tea industry.

The Ellawala Falls and the Ravana Caves, where King Ravana hid Princess Sita and today offer 82-meter-high ziplining, are two of Ella’s other well-known attractions. Therefore, Sri Lanka’s “Little England,” Ella, offers something special for every history buff, wildlife enthusiast, hiker, trekker, and contemporary traveler, whether for a fun-filled vacation with friends and family, exploring Lanka’s past, or beating the heat in style.

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