Devon Falls – Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka


One of the magnificent natural wonders that adds to Sri Lanka’s attractiveness is Devon Falls. The fall is situated in the Nuwara Eliya district’s Thalawakele town. The British coffee farmer Mr. Devon, who lived adjacent to the waterfall, gave it his name. The Devon waterfall, Sri Lanka’s 19th-highest waterfall, is 97 meters high. Additionally, it is 1159 meters above sea level. You may take in the grandeur of this even from the road if you travel along Thalawakele to Hatton’s main road.

Devon Falls Nuwara Eliya

Devon waterfall flows down to the Mahaweli river after coming from Kotmale Oya. Devon exhibits extremely aggressive behavior during the wet season. Fall benefits the upper Kotmale hydropower project while boosting the natural beauty. In Sri Lanka, the project is completed with five additional waterfalls. Even yet, the initiative was unable to lessen this fall’s water storage capacity.

If you want to travel far to Devon, there are two places where you may see it and take in its splendor. One is Thalawakele’s A7 road, while the other is Watagoda Railway Station.

Perhaps the up-close perspective enhances your vacation experiences. Walk 1 km through the green tea farm from the Thalawakele to Hatton road’s 20th milepost. You will then arrive at the falling Devon. In addition to the Devon Waterfall, St. Clairs Falls is also nearby. You can take in the splendor of this picturesque scene and the crisp air pouring from the falls. This is a site you must see at least once in your lifetime if you enjoy the outdoors or birds.

The Devon Falls’ backside is particularly beautiful if you can get to the top. When you get there, don’t forget to take a picture for your travel journal. I’d want to urge you against taking a bath or going swimming because it will be risky. Particularly in March and December because of the fast-moving water. On your way to Devon Falls, don’t forget to stop by the renowned Mlesna castle. As you sip on an authentic cup of Ceylon tea, take in the neighborhood’s natural splendor.

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