Discovering the Natural Beauty and Cultural Heritage of Badulla


The picturesque city of Badulla is situated in Sri Lanka’s central highlands. Both nature lovers and adventure seekers should visit this place. The city is surrounded by waterfalls, mountains, and tea plantations, making it the ideal destination for a relaxing getaway. This article will discuss the top activities in Badulla and the reasons it is a top tourist destination.

History of Badulla

Badulla has a lengthy history that dates back to early Sri Lanka. It was once a significant commerce hub that was ruled by numerous rulers. The city served as a hub for Buddhist education and was home to numerous significant Buddhist temples. Badulla was also impacted by British colonial authority in Sri Lanka, with many of the buildings and structures constructed at that time still remaining.

How to reach Badulla

Taking a train from Colombo or Kandy to Badulla is the most straightforward way to get there. Almost eight hours are required for the rail voyage from Colombo, although it is a beautiful route via mountains and tea plantations. Another choice is to take a bus, which departs from Kandy or Colombo and takes around 6-7 hours. You can also take a domestic aircraft to the nearby city of Haputale and then take a taxi from there to Badulla if you’re pressed for time.

Best time to visit Badulla

December to February, when the weather is dry and pleasant, is the best time to visit Badulla. It is preferable to go during the rainy season, which runs from May to September if you want to view the waterfalls in all their splendor.

Things to do in Badulla

Visit Dunhinda Falls: Only a few kilometers from Badulla, Dunhinda Falls is one of Sri Lanka’s most renowned waterfalls. The 64-meter-high waterfall is encircled by verdant trees. When the waterfall is at its greatest, the rainy season is the ideal time to visit.

Trek to Diyaluma Falls: Around two hours from Badulla, Diyaluma Falls is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Although the hike to the waterfall is difficult, the sights are rewarding. There are lovely green woodlands all around the 220-meter-high waterfall.

Visit the Adisham Bungalow: The Adisham Bungalow is a stunning early 20th-century colonial mansion. It was once a tea factory before being transformed into a monastery. The home is now a public museum that has undergone conversion.

Discover Horton Plains National Park: Horton Plains National Park is a stunning nature reserve that can be reached from Badulla in about two hours. The park is a well-liked location for hikers and environment lovers and is home to numerous endemic species of plants and animals. The World’s End is the park’s most well-known attraction; it is a towering cliff that provides sweeping vistas of the surrounding valleys.

Take a Train Ride: When visiting Badulla, a train ride through the Sri Lankan mountains is a must-do activity. Although the 8-hour train ride from Colombo to Badulla is scenic, passing through tea plantations, forests, and waterfalls, it is an unforgettable experience. Awe-inspiring views of the scenery are provided as the train travels through numerous tunnels and bridges.

Discover Bogoda Bridge: Bogoda Bridge is a historically significant, more than 400-year-old wooden bridge. It is a well-liked tourist destination and Sri Lanka’s oldest remaining wooden bridge. The bridge is entirely composed of wood and has withstood numerous storms and floods.

Visit the Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory: The Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest tea manufacturers and is just a few kilometers from Badulla. Visitors can take a tour of the factory to learn more about how high-quality tea is made using traditional methods. The plant also offers a tea lounge where guests can sample various tea flavors.

You should go to the Muthiyangana Temple, which is a historic Buddhist temple in Badulla. It is one of Sri Lanka’s most significant temples and is thought to have been constructed more than 2000 years ago. The temple, which honors Lord Buddha, is encircled by lovely gardens and ponds.

Accommodations in Badulla:

There are numerous lodging alternatives in Badulla for various price ranges. There are accommodations for every budget, from five-star resorts to modest guesthouses. The Heritance Tea Factory, Jetwing Warwick Gardens, and Green View Holiday Resort are a few of the well-known hotels in Badulla.

Badulla is a stunning city that offers a rare fusion of scenic natural beauty and rich cultural history. Everyone will find something to enjoy in Badulla, from the waterfalls and mountains to the historic temples and tea factories. For those seeking to escape the bustle of the city and spend a relaxing holiday in the midst of nature, the city is the ideal vacation spot. So grab your belongings and travel to Badulla for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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