Diyaluma Falls


Diyaluma Falls is about one and a half hours from Ella and features a 220-meter plunge, swimming in natural pools, and a breathtaking panorama of the Sri Lankan hills. Here is a guide to the second-tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. In-depth directions on how to get there, what to do, and what to watch out for are included in the guide.

Sri Lanka is home to many waterfalls, but Diyaluma Falls is likely the coolest and easiest to get due to its proximity to the well-known mountain village Ella. Diyaluma Waterfall is hence the ideal day trip from Ella.

The second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Diyaluma, is a 220-meter-high waterfall. Due to its off-the-beaten-path location, many tourists skip it when planning their trip to Sri Lanka. Amazing views and some of the best natural infinity pools in the world can be found at Diyaluma Falls. It’s one of their most incredible experiences and is at the top of the travel list of the best things to do in Ella, right next to the famous Nine Arch Bridge.

About 30 kilometers south of Ella in the Badulla district of Sri Lanka are the Diyaluma Falls. Koslanda is the closest town.

Due to Diyaluma Falls’ rising fame, many of the neighborhood tuk-tuk drivers are familiar with the location. Rent a scooter and take the trip yourself, or arrange for a tuk-tuk driver to take you there. Your decision should be based on how daring you are.

The summit of Diyaluma Falls can be reached in one of two methods. Most visitors begin their journey at the waterfall’s base and work their way up.

It takes roughly one and a half hours to go from Ella Town to the starting location in Poonagala. You will travel through stunning highlands encircled by tea farms on narrow, uneven roads. The cost of the tuk-tuk ride, if you decide to take one, should be between LKR 3500 and 5000. (for a return ticket). Don’t forget to inform your tuk-tuk driver that you want to visit the upper Diyaluma Falls.

There is a little spot where you can park your car when you get to the starting location. Some residents might charge a minimal parking fee.

Small and concealed by tall grass and bushes, the Diyaluma Upper Trail leads to Diyaluma Falls. Despite having no signs, the path is fairly simple to follow. After some time, you’ll start to hear the sound of water rushing, and you’ll know you’re getting close. You won’t need more than 20 minutes to complete the hike from the starting point to Diyaluma Waterfall. Before the 220-meter drop, at the top of Diyaluma Falls, there are a number of natural pools where you can swim and even leap from one pool into another. It’s known as Diyaluma Upper Falls. The pool’s edge is accessible for swimming but exercise additional caution there.

The surrounding soft cliffs of the natural pools are ideal for a quick picnic and some downtime before climbing back up. You can stop at the upper-level pools on the way back. It could be important to cool off in the chilly mountain water on a hot day.

You might easily spend the entire day atop this amazing waterfall, so be sure to pack enough food and water.

According to the locals, it is strongly advised that you need a guide if you plan to hike to Diyaluma Falls. Only a portion of this is true. Elephants are active in the region, so if you decide to go on a long trip there, it might be worthwhile to bring a guide.

Between January and May is the ideal time to travel to this region. Swimmable water becomes too untamed during the rainy season (September to early December) because of the strong water flow. At Diyaluma Falls, no barriers to safety exist. Don’t get too close to the edge and use caution. Avoid swimming in the falls when it rains since the currents are significantly stronger.

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