Dolukanda – Hiripitiya Sri lanka


Dolukanda, which is located in the Kurunegala district’s Hiripitiya village, is well-known for its Dolukanda Raja Maha Viharaya.

Legends from the past are related to this mountain. Dolukanda is also known as “Dolukanda Sanjeewani Mountain” because it is thought that some of the Great Himalaya Mountain, which Lord Hanuman was carrying, fell on top of it. The mountain has magical herb woods full of plants thought to have the ability to heal any illness. Due to the numerous ruins that are thought to be King Walagamba’s that are located on top of Dolukanda, it also has higher significance in Sri Lankan history. This peak rises to a height of about 600 meters.

dolukanda hiripitiya Sri lanka
dolukanda hiripitiya Sri lanka

How to get to the Place:

The Dolukanda is roughly 20 kilometers north of Kurunegala, the district’s administrative center.

It can be reached via –  Colombo -> Nittambuwa -> Kurunegala -> 10th mile post on Hiripitiya road -> Hunupola -> Dolukanda

Weather conditions and the best time of year to visit:

The surroundings are typically warm and muggy. Due to the hard nature of the terrain in Dolukanda and the lack of clarity of the trekking pathways, it is always recommended to ascend with a guide.

Hike to Dolukanda:

Raksha Muna, Hulang Kapolla and cave, Weheragala, the highest point and ruined pagoda, Herbal forest (where a variety of herbal plants can be seen), Maligathenna (where ruins of the ancient palace can be seen), and ponds (Watakei Pokuna, Dunkei Pokuna, and Kaludiya Pokuna) can all be seen and enjoyed from the summit of Dolukanda,


  • It is highly advised to use a local guide.
  • Take 2ltr of water per person
  • Beware of snakes and insects.
  • Avoid using heavy backpacks.

Dolukanda Location on the Google Map

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