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Throughout the Sri Lankan metropolis of Thanjatenna, 4 kilometers from Balangoda, there lies a waterfall typically generally known as Walawe Ganga East Falls or Duwili Ella Waterfall. It is roughly 40 meters extreme.

The Duwili Ella Waterfall may be found throughout the Rajawaka Reserve, a 5536.69-hectare house close to the border of Uva and Sabaragamuwa. The dry space of Sri Lanka is the place Duwili Ella Waterfall is positioned, in step with the local weather circumstances. The height of this waterfall is round 40 meters (130 ft). The Duwili Ella Cascade waterfall receives its water from the Walawe river.

Fantastic mud clouds are produced when water droplets scatter from one another at a high of about 40 meters. There’s a choice of waterfalls that go by the moniker “Cyrillic Duwili Ella Waterfall,” in step with environmentalists. The Duwili Ella Waterfall, which flows to Kalthota, is amongst them and some of the important beautiful in your full world.

Because of the higher land house is a portion of the world the place the waterfall is, the Samanala Wewa reserve is extraordinarily distinctive. The Duwili Ella Waterfall was first discovered, so the story goes, by an English Governor who was in Sabaragamuwa Province to see elephants.

The Kaltota Freeway connects Balangoda with the parking house for the Duwili Ella Waterfall at a distance of about 30 kilometers. From there, you would descend 500 meters or so to realize the falls.

The great thing about Duwili Ella

No matter being in the middle of a blue headland, the Duwili Ella Waterfall has comparatively robust entry. The one resolution to get to the falls was by strolling, nevertheless, as a result of the native tourism enterprise has been rising, lodgings for visitors and companies have been constructed.

The chilly, shaded prime quality of the woodland floor is indescribable. It is easy to see the falls from the comment house that has been constructed adjoining them. Near this viewing degree, there are restrooms and a children’ park.

Duwili Ella Waterfall is extraordinarily hazardous to technique and descent. Bathing will be prohibited close to the waterfall.

There are a few areas at Duwili Ella Waterfall the place swimming is protected.

You come too to witness the grandeur of this magnificent dusty waterfall. It will likely be biggest in case you moreover saved your distance from that beautiful house so future generations can benefit from it.

Basically essentially the most important time of yr to go to Duwili Ella

A light-weight breeze within the evenings tops off the bearable local weather that is equipped by winters, monsoons, and summers. From 24 °C to 31 °C, on frequent, is the temperature. Damp environment are present all by October and November, and there is a chance of precipitation.

How one can get there

Kaltota is the city that is most shut by.


Time to Journey

58 min (29.1 km) (Duwili Ella Waterfall to Balangoda)

Widespread for

  • Sightseeing
  • Mountaineering
  • footage
  • Having enjoyable with
  • Memorable location
  • a self-starter It’s a reward from nature which you can admire


  • It is our responsibility as visitors to guard these treasured areas clearly with out polluting them.
  • The waterfall at Duwili Ella is intense. So bathing is extraordinarily dangerous.
  • On days when it rains, stay away from visiting this waterfall.

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