Ella Rock: A hike full of surprises!


When visiting Ella, you should not miss the breathtaking view from the top of Ella Rock.
The route there is a real treat; along the way you pass an explosion of different shades of green and many stunning view points. This wonderful walk starts of easily, but it is becoming a little more challenging as you get higher. Eventually you will be treated to a beautiful view. I would like to share the route that my boyfriend and I have walked.
On the internet we have found many different routes that lead to the viewpoint of the Ella Rock, but each route starts at the same place: the train track.
Walking on the track itself is already quite an experience! On one side there is a crag wall that is covered with a green blanket of plants. On the other side there is also vegetation with in between a lot of nice views across the valley.
While we enjoy our walk, the track vibrates. You guessed it.. a train was coming. We had more than enough time to make room for the train, because the train is not running so fast. There is a bridge with an iron strip to stand and walk on. After crossing the bridge, we get off the track to find something that looks like a peaceful memorial place.

Ella rock hike

Behind this beautiful scene we found a narrow sandy road. We immediately saw that we were not the first to take this route. But from that moment we felt the adrenaline pumping through our veins. The adventure is really starting now! We came along a nice surprise: a kind woman with her market stall full of coconuts, melons and bananas. We had just started our journey so we were not hungry yet. So far the walk is fairly easy. We passed a bridge with a small side road which leads to a waterfall. A treat which we will save for the way back!

Ella rock hike

When we crossed this bridge, the path becomes narrower. The wide concrete paths gradually become sandy elephant paths. At that moment we were in a maze of tall green grass. The unspoiled green landscape is beautiful, but we didn’t want to keep walking around here for too long. Tip: download on of the many hike apps on your phone (e.g. ‘maps.me’). This app led us through the maze.

Ella rock hike

We could tell that the paths were starting to get steeper. Time for a short break! To our surprise there was a small eatery there. The local people have built a place especially for hikers to relax. After a fresh coconut, we continued our journey to the top. The landscape had meanwhile changed into a savannah-like environment with many trees.
We arrived at a view point where we saw an amazing view of the valley with its green and brown hills.

Ella rock hike

Until now the walk was not that difficult. We are almost there! In good spirits we take our first step on the stairs of stones, sand and tree roots. From that moment we saw sweaty people coming down increasingly. We soon discovered that the last part of the walk was the toughest. But the beautiful landscape definitely made it worth our while.

Ella rock hike

After a fifteen minute walk the paths became flat and we arrived at the top! There was a cute couple who sold cold water, juices and nuts. With a refreshing drink we could finally enjoy the beautiful view over the valley. What else do you want?!

Ella rock hike

This walk is full of surprises with different kinds of beautiful landscapes. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Written by – Lysanne (Instagram @lysanneslocation)

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