Embekka Devalaya


It was King Wickramabahu III who first established the Embekka Devalaya (AD 1357–1374). Lord Kataragama and Dedvatha Bandara are the subjects of this Devalaya, which is located in Kandy in Sri Lanka’s Central Province.

Embekka Devalaya
Embekka Devalaya

The devalaya’s woodwork and sculptures are beautiful, and they are thought to have come from an abandoned “Royal Audience Hall” at Gampola. The carvings on the wooden pillars of the Drummers’ Hall provide the clearest examples of Sinhala art. Any visitor immediately notices the roof as a noteworthy feature. This is due to the fact that the rafters are secured together by a “Madol Kurupawa” and are at an angle from above, pointing towards any entering visitors. This huge pin is a sought-after item that can only be found in this revered locale. The Embekka Devalaya is well known for its wood carvings because of this.

The Digge (dance hall) and the Hewsi Hall are the two sections of the Devalaya (Drummers Hall). The wood carvings on the beams, rafters, and entrances of this Devalaya are its most intriguing feature. The Hansa Puttuwa (interlinked swans), a carving that is still used today in homes and is believed to bring good luck, is one of the most intriguing carvings. Among the most stunning carvings in the Devalaya are the double-headed eagles, the intricate rope patterns, and the woman nursing her child.

The exquisite carvings of an elephant bull and an elephant with an unusually long trunk are distinguishing features of the Devalaya. The enigma of this sculpture is that, when you cover it with your palm, the figure appears to be a bull, but it is actually an elephant with its truck stretched out. And the image that appears when you place your palm over the elephant while it is still there is a bull.

Without a doubt, Sri Lanka has a rich past and culture. This stunning island has unquestionably some of the best histories, cultures, and traditions in the entire globe.

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