eSIM facility for Apple Watch Now Available in Sri Lanka

eSIM facility for Apple Watch Now Available in Sri Lanka
eSIM facility for Apple Watch Now Available in Sri Lanka

For the first time in this country, Dialog has provided eSIM support for Apple Watch with a cellular facility. With this, even if you don’t have your iPhone with you, you will be able to make phone calls and send iMessages from the Watch, so you don’t need to keep your phone close to you all the time. This makes it possible to do your work with the Watch when it is difficult to pick up the phone, such as when traveling on the bus or train, or when the phone is suddenly lost.

This new facility is provided under Dialog’s One Number service. Accordingly, your Apple Watch will also receive the same phone number and will be able to make/receive calls through the mobile network or WiFi. When a call is received, both the phone and the watch will ring. The mobile data used by the Watch is also charged from the SIM card on the phone. In addition to that, the Watch will also be able to send and receive iMessages.

Dialog prepaid or postpaid customers can get this service if they have an iPhone 6s or higher phone running iOS 15.1, if the Apple Watch has GPS + Cellular services, and if the Watch has WatchOS 8.0 or higher operating system. Additionally, your phone should have VoLTE enabled on your phone, and how to do it is shown below.

To enable VoLTE on your Dialog smartphone, text ACT<space>4GV to 678 from the same smartphone. If you want to enable VoWiFi as well, after enabling VoLTE dial #107#. Enter number 2 to access VoWiFi, and enter number 1 to activate it. If you’re wondering what these are, VoLTE is the ability to make phone calls over 4G data. Then you get a clearer voice and no data charges. VoWiFi means making calls through WiFi, and in case of no signal, you can make calls through the router you are connected to. Data charges are not charged by Dialog routers.

You can also get the eSIM for the Apple Watch yourself. First, pair the Watch to the iPhone, access Mobile Data from the Watch app, and select Set Up Mobile Data. After giving your National ID number or passport number and giving a name to the contact, you will be able to use calls and iMessage from the Watch. However, this eSIM does not provide SMS sending/receiving or roaming facilities.

Dialog e-SIM support for Apple Watch Series 3 and above, with GPS and cellular services, Global version (Europe and Asia Pacific only. US not supported). That is, you can get this facility up to Apple Watch Series 7, Watch SE, Watch 6, Watch 5, Watch 4, and Watch 3.

Visit to know more about the eSIM service and whether your Apple Watch is eligible for the service.

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