Hanthana Mountain Range


Seven peaks make up the Hanthana Mountain Range, which is located in Sri Lanka’s Central Province. In February 2010, the mountain range was designated as an ecologically protected area. The maximum range is 3,800 feet. The tallest mountain in the Uura Kanda is one of the seven peaks. The range offers Sri Lankan mountain bikers a stunning and well-known location. It is a heaven for bird watchers as well as hikers because the latter activity takes you so close to nature.

You might be able to see Kandy, which is up ahead when you trek up the mountain range. Additionally, the mountain range is perfect for bird watching due to its numerous different bird species. Occasionally, raptors and a few indigenous bird species can be seen. The hikers’ test consists of numerous ascents and descents. Before reaching the Hanthana Mountain Range, hikers will get the opportunity to experience hiking through Upper Lance tea gardens. A pathway takes you to Kandy once you have traveled the mountain range. The area along this route is excellent for seeing birds and the lovely surroundings below.

Due to its elevation above sea level, the Hanthana mountain range was chosen as the location for radio transmission towers. On the Mountain Range, there is also the Tea Industry Museum. You may learn about the history of how tea leaves were produced by visiting this museum. A visitor can view the antiquated equipment that was once used to prepare tea in addition to learning about the procedures, and the pictures that grace the museum’s walls will transport them back in time.

In addition to the aforementioned, you should wear appropriate gear that will shield you from the sun, rain, and wind. An essential addition to these appropriate outfits is bug repellant.

The Hanthana Mountain Range holds a particular place in Sri Lankan history and is renowned for its scenic beauty in the Hill Country.

Hanthana Mountain Range Location on the Map

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