Hiriwadunna|| Exploring the Serene Countryside of Sri Lanka


The charming village of Hiriwadunna is an undiscovered treasure located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This little oasis, surrounded by beautiful landscaping and rich foliage, offers a peaceful retreat from the bustle of city life.

Hiriwadunna, located just a few kilometers from the well-known tourist destination of Sigiriya, offers travelers a special opportunity to explore rural Sri Lanka in all its natural splendor. The village is best reached on foot while taking in the stunning views along the route, however, it can also be reached by car or tuk-tuk.

The friendly smiles of the villagers, who are always excited to see guests, greet you as you approach the village. A small group of farmers live in the area, growing crops such as rice, corn, and vegetables. The locals live a humble lifestyle and are happy to share their customs and culture with guests. This can be seen by taking a walk through the village.

The artificial lake, built over 2,000 years ago by King Mahasen, is one of Hiriwadunna’s best-known attractions. A boat excursion on the calm waters of the lake provides a peaceful retreat from the busy outside world. The lake is bordered by lush forests. Keep an eye out as you float along the lake.

You may see traditional Sri Lankan farming practices in a paddy field a short distance from the lake. You can practice using a bullock cart to plow the fields or a sickle to harvest the crops. The farmers are happy to demonstrate their methods to guests and impart their expertise on the crops they grow.

The ascent to the neighboring rock is another of the attractions of Hiriwadunna. You will see small streams, old trees, and exotic flora and fauna as you progress through the dense forest on the hike. You’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of the surroundings, including the adjacent cliff-top Sigiriya.

Participating in a cooking demonstration is one of Hiriwadunna’s most distinctive experiences. You will learn from the locals how to make traditional Sri Lankan recipes with materials you can find. As you share a delicious lunch with the locals, you can discover more about their culture and way of life.

Hiriwadunna offers a variety of outdoor activities including biking, trekking, and camping for those looking for a more adventurous experience. You can camp by the lake for a starry night and hike the trails of the neighboring forest.

You will carry with you memories of peaceful scenery and the great hospitality of the Sri Lankan people as you say goodbye to the welcoming villagers and leave Hiriwadunna. For those interested in having a real experience of rural Sri Lanka, this hidden gem is a must-see.

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