How to choose a good desktop computer?


 After the advent of smartphones and tabs, the laptop lost its place, but when you still want to watch a movie, the small screen of the phone is not enough, so the laptop is the one to pick up.  But still, the use of desktop computers has not completely disappeared.  For severe graphic design work, video rendering, etc., it is possible to do them very easily with a desktop computer with more power than a laptop that runs very hard with the fan running loudly.

 Mobile processors are used in laptops, so their ability to do heavy work is very low.  Therefore, desktop computers cannot be dismissed from the home just yet.  The ability to buy a low price as well as being able to make a good computer with much more power at the same price has been the reason why many people still turn to desktop computers.

 Why do you need a desktop computer?

If you are a person who works in one place without going to different places, there is no point in buying a laptop for a large amount.  Especially if you have to do graphic design or video editing work, the benefit you can get from a desktop is much higher than a laptop.  Or if you are someone who sits and plays computer games at home, you will definitely need more power than the laptop for your super games.  To do several tasks at the same time, if they are very heavy tasks, a well-decided and chosen desktop is enough to withstand it.

 Heating, physical pains when using it on your lap for a long time, having to worry about battery power and not being able to get maximum power supply for your activities while using the battery can be called the general weaknesses of laptops.  Apart from being very easy to carry, if you can do free work without the noise of fans and without getting hot enough to bake bread, it is definitely a desktop.

 Another special feature of these is the minimum price to be applied when purchasing, as well as the fact that if a new part is installed, we can buy the part at a low price and install it ourselves.  When buying, we are not limited to the features provided by the manufacturer itself, like laptops, we get a good space through these computers to add parts and arrange them in the way we want, and to meet our needs by combining hard disk or several RAMs at the same time.

 Which one to buy?

 Depending on your needs, it is always important to choose the right type of model while buying any product.  Desktop computers can also be seen in different types designed to suit different needs.  Here we talk about the system requirement according to the functions.  If you assemble a computer that suits you at a low price, you will be able to get help related to it.

 Computers that are separate from the System Unit

This type of computer is what we see a lot.  These have a separate screen and system unit.  The ‘tower’ computer model, which is like standing on a pole with the monitor, is less wide, so it can be used even in a small space.  Also, in the computer mode that can be placed horizontally, placing the monitor on the system unit can minimize the space between the two.

 If you use the computer at home, its size may not be a problem.  In such cases, it is possible to make desktop computers that can do more work at a lower price, even if the space is a little more.  Because, the smaller the technical tools, the higher their prices.  Then you can focus on money when looks are not so important

 These types of computers are also available as branded or manufactured by the manufacturer.  The advantage of buying one of these is that they have thoroughly tested and matched the components used.  This enables uniform speed and smooth operation.  Even though it is branded, we can change the features of these later as we want, but it will not be much of a problem even if the price is a little higher at the beginning.

 Acer Aspire Desktop, Ideacentre 300, ThinkCentre M53 and CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 suitable for computer games can be mentioned as branded desktop computers that can be bought for less than 70,000 rupees.  Names for the general purpose of a house;  A dual-core computer with 3 gigabytes of RAM and a 120GB hard disk is still more than enough.  You can make one yourself at a very low cost.

All-in-one computers

 This includes the kind of computers that put everything together and put the screen in front of it for a high desktop experience with more appearance and capabilities using very little space.  It is difficult to fix or repair these on your own and you have to rely on the features provided by the manufacturer.  These are usually shipped with high-quality features so there is no need for frequent maintenance or lack of features.

 This type of computer is suitable for an office desk in a public area or a home with an office that overlooks the living room.  If you are someone who doesn’t deal much with hardware and doesn’t like wires too much, all-in-one computers are perfect for keeping things neat and tidy.  It is also very easy to prepare these after coming home after purchase.

 HP Curved Envy AIO 34, HP – 19.5″ AMD E2 (Rs. 50,000 approx), Dell – Inspiron 23.8″ AMD (Rs. 81,000 approx), Asus – Zen AiO (Rs. 1,07,000) and Apple iMac (Rs.  1,68,000) can be described as this type of computer.

 So, those who want to buy a desktop computer can get more capabilities at a minimum price in a way that suits their needs and can also decide on the model to get depending on the location.  But it is always wise to choose a computer that can meet your needs quickly without thinking about the price.  It is always a good investment, especially if you choose a computer for work.

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