Kandy Lake


The Kiri Muda, also known as the Sea of Milk, and the Bogambara River are other names for Kandy Lake. It is an artificial lake that King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha built in 1807 and is located in the center of Kandy. The Temple of the Tooth Relic is close to the Lake. This lake is said to be located in what was formerly known as Tigolwela, a paddy field. It was given the name Kiri Mudu because of a pond in the middle of the lake that the King’s Harem used for bathing, and according to the legend, this pond was connected to the palace by a hidden tunnel.

Kandy Lake - Sri Lanka
Kandy Lake – Sri Lanka

According to legend, Deveda Moolacharya designed the Kandy Lake, and the King first constructed a dam across the paddy fields. The steps leading to the lake are still visible, and this dam was built from the Pattiruppuwa or Octagon. This is near the Esplanade or Mahamaluwa. The Walakulu Bamma, also known as the Clouds Wall, is a wall that encircles Kandy lake. This was built to accentuate the lake’s beauty. However, Sri Vikrama Rajasinha was unable to finish building this Wall since the British had already taken the city and the King had been compelled to cede the Kingdom at that point. The Walakulu Bamma is still a work in progress. The triangular openings in the wall, which are used to ignite oil lamps during the Esela Perahera and other festivals, are visible.

Along with Sal trees Mara trees, Nuga trees, palm trees, and fruit trees along the edges of Kandy Lake. Without a doubt, these trees are 74 years or older. Along with the trees, the white egret crane, wood stork, pelican, and Indian cormorant are some of the bird species that add to the beauty of this lovely lake.

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