Kotaweheragala Viharaya in Sri Lanka


Discover Serenity and Spirituality

Discover the serenity and spirituality of Kotaweheragala Viharaya in Sri Lanka. Immerse yourself in its attractions, cultural significance, and natural beauty. Experience authentic moments, indulge in local cuisine, and enjoy warm hospitality in this tranquil destination.

Attractions and Landmarks:

Kotaweheragala Viharaya is home to a stunning stupa, intricately adorned with intricate carvings and architectural marvels. The temple complex also features beautifully crafted statues, meditation halls, and peaceful gardens that create a serene atmosphere for visitors.

  • Kudumbigala Monastery
  • Habuthala Viharaya
  • Kotaweheragala Viharaya,

Cultural and Historical Significance:

This ancient temple holds great cultural and historical importance, with its rich Buddhist heritage dating back centuries.

Authentic Experiences:

Participate in guided meditation sessions and witness religious ceremonies to deepen your understanding of Buddhist traditions.These sessions offer an opportunity to calm the mind and experience a sense of inner peace.

Natural Beauty:

Surrounded by lush greenery and panoramic views, Kotaweheragala Viharaya offers a tranquil retreat in harmony with nature. Take leisurely walks along the scenic trails, breathe in the fresh air, and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds the temple.

Relaxation and Leisure:

Kotaweheragala Viharaya provides a serene setting for relaxation and leisure. Find a quiet spot amidst the temple grounds, meditate, or simply soak in the peaceful atmosphere. Allow the soothing environment to rejuvenate your mind and body, offering a much-needed escape from the busyness of everyday life.

Local Cuisine and Dining:

Sample traditional Sri Lankan dishes near the temple, such as rice and curry, to experience authentic flavors.

Shopping and Souvenirs:

Discover small shops offering local handicrafts and souvenirs as mementos of your visit.

Hospitality and Service:

Experience warm hospitality from the resident monks and staff, who are ready to share insights and assist visitors.

Safety and Security:

Kotaweheragala Viharaya prioritizes the safety and security of its visitors. The temple authorities ensure a peaceful and secure environment for all. Visitors are advised to follow the guidelines provided and respect the sacred nature of the place.

Best Time to Visit and Weather:

November to April is the best time to visit, with pleasant weather ideal for outdoor activities.

Best Hotels in the Nearby Area:

Consider the following top-rated hotels for your stay near Kotaweheragala Viharaya:

  • Tranquil Retreat Hotel
  • Nature’s Paradise Resort
  • Serene Villa
  • Green Valley Resort
  • Mountain View Hotel

In conclusion

Kotaweheragala Viharaya offers a serene and spiritually enriching experience. Its attractions, cultural significance, natural beauty, and warm hospitality make it an ideal destination for those seeking a connection with Buddhist traditions and a peaceful retreat.

Explore Kotaweheragala Viharaya and discover the tranquility and spirituality it has to offer.

How to go there

To reach Kota Vehera Temple in Kumana National Park, you have two route options:

Route 1:

  • Start your journey from Colombo and head towards Ratnapura.
  • From Ratnapura, continue through Balangoda and Monaragala.
  • Take the Siyambalanduwa road, which is part of the Colombo-Ratnapura-Wellawaya-Batticaloa highway.
  • Drive through Lahugala and pass by Lahugala Rural Hospital.
  • Continue on the same highway until you reach Yalpotha.
  • From Yalpotha, proceed to Kota Vehera Temple.
  • The total distance for this route is approximately 301 kilometers, and the estimated travel time is around 4 hours and 47 minutes.

Route 2:

  • Start your journey from Colombo and head towards Kandy.
  • Continue on the Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkaladi highway, which turns into the Bibile-Uraniya-Mahiyangana road.
  • At Mahiyangana road junction, the road slightly turns right towards the Inginiyagala road.
  • Proceed on the Inginiyagala road and then continue onto the Namal Oya road.
  • From there, take the Pallanoya road and then turn slightly right onto the Siyambalanduwa-Damana-Ampara highway.
  • Turn left onto the Colombo-Ratnapura-Wellawaya-Batticaloa highway.
  • Continue on the same highway, passing by Lahugala Rural Hospital.
  • Then, turn right towards Yalpotha and reach Kota Vehera Temple.
  • The total distance for this route is approximately 355 kilometers, and the estimated travel time is around 6 hours and 2 minutes.

Both routes will lead you to Kota Vehera Temple in Kumana National Park, allowing you to explore the beauty of this ancient site.

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