Lankatilaka Temple


In Udunuwara, Kandy, there is a historic temple called the Lankatilaka Temple. It is situated 4 km from the Pilimatalawa junction on the Daulagala road, adjacent to the Gadaladeniya Temple, and on the Daulagala road. The Temple is regarded as the most artistically impressive structure built during the Gampola era. The Panhalgala Rock, a naturally occurring rock, is the foundation upon which the temple edifice was built. The Viharaya (temple) is built entirely on top of the rock.

The history of the temple goes back to that time period. According to historical records, King Bhuvanekabahu IV, who ruled from 1341 to 1351 AD, was responsible for the construction of the temple. The King gave his Chief Minister Senalankadhikara the task of building the temple, and he was in charge of seeing that it got built.

The picture house distinguishes among the structures due to its exceptional architectural elements that are embellished with age-old Sinhala sculptures. The image house was constructed as a 4-story manor, standing 80 feet tall, according to information documented on the Lankthilleke Copper Plaque, but today only 3 levels are visible. The picture house’s walls are covered in paintings from the Kandyan era. The Sinhala and Tamil sections of the temple’s grounds contain rock carvings that describe the temple’s founders and the gifts of its facilities. Additionally, there are 5 Devales (Kovils) where 5 Gods are worshiped: Upulvan, Ganapathi, Saman, Vibhishana, and Kumara Bandara. It is believed that God Kumara Bandara guards the Lankatilleke Temple.

There are two ways to go to the temple, however, the Sanghawasa, which is near the bottom of the rock and has a path leading to Lord Vishnu’s Temple of the Chief Viharaya, is the simplest.

The Lankatilaka Temple is still a visible reminder of the era in Sri Lanka’s history.

Lankatilaka Temple Location on the Google Map

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