Lover’s Leap Waterfall – Nuwara Eliya


The Lover’s Leap Waterfall improves Nuwara Eliya’s natural splendor. The waterfall is situated 2 kilometers from the “Hawaeliya” city (Nuwaraeliya – Kandapola road). This waterfall is the closest one to Nuwara Eliya, and visiting it is an exciting way to take in the breathtaking hill country scenery. You can take a tuk-tuk to the halfway point and then proceed on a short, narrow walkway made of pebbles. Otherwise, you can reach this lovely location after 400 meters of strolling via a tea farm. It is advised to walk if you don’t want to miss any of the surrounding natural splendor. Walking on a wavy road while surrounded by lovely tea trees will make for an amazing experience for your travel book. The Lover’s Leap is visible after you pass a bungalow and a tea estate.

During the rainy season, the fall is a spectacular 30-meter drop. Awe-inspiring scenery like Lover’s Leap plunging between rock ledges can harden visitors’ hearts. This fall appears in Piduruthalagala’s brooks and streams (2524M).

Lover’s Leap Waterfall Sri Lanka

This beautiful waterfall has an old mythology that gives it the name “Lover’s Leap.” The story goes that a prince went hunting once upon a time. He was hunting in the bush when he tried to locate the palace and got lost. In this village, a lovely Eliya girl encountered the prince and saved him. This girl had captured the prince’s heart. They were completely in love, but the Eliya king and queen were against their union. They ultimately chose to immortalize their union. When they leaped off of this waterfall, they lost their lives. The falls were given the name “Lover’s Leap waterfall” in honor of their untimely passing.

While reaching the fall requires a little bit of difficulty, the reward is a beautiful vista. Even Lake Gregory is visible from this vantage point. The climb is suggested for people new to hiking. However, be cautious around slick rocks and refrain from jumping off of them.

It is advised not to visit this location after consuming alcohol because hiking there could be hazardous. And remember to apply lime before you set out on your journey because leeches are primarily found in this area.

Lover’s Leap Waterfall Location on the Google Map

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