Makaraya in Ampara


Nestled in the embrace of nature’s grandeur, Makaraya stands as a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered by avid travelers seeking a harmonious blend of tradition, culture, and adventure. With a tapestry woven from historical significance, natural beauty, and authentic encounters, this enchanting destination beckons with open arms. Join us as we embark on a mesmerizing journey through the Attractions and Landmarks, Cultural and Historical Significance, Authentic Experiences, Natural Beauty, Adventure and Recreation, Relaxation and Leisure, Local Cuisine and Dining, Shopping and Souvenirs, Hospitality and Service, Safety and Security, best time to visit, weather type, and the best hotels in the nearby area of Makaraya.

Attractions and Landmarks

Makaraya is a treasure trove of attractions that resonate with historical and architectural marvels. The Makaraya Palace, a majestic edifice that echoes the opulence of a bygone era, stands as a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. The intricately carved walls and ornate domes offer a glimpse into the past, narrating tales of kings and queens.

Cultural and Historical Significance

Steeped in history, Makaraya showcases its cultural tapestry through vibrant festivals and rituals that have been passed down through generations. The Makarayan Festival, a celebration of harvest and unity, offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the local way of life. The Makarayan Museum preserves artifacts that bear witness to the town’s evolution, tracing its journey from antiquity to modernity.

Authentic Experiences

For those who seek to truly connect with the spirit of Makaraya, authentic experiences abound. Engaging in traditional craft workshops, where skilled artisans pass on their crafts, offers a glimpse into the dedication and passion behind intricate designs. An evening spent in a local village, sharing stories around a bonfire, paints a vivid picture of the warm hospitality and camaraderie that define Makaraya.

Natural Beauty

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in Makaraya’s lush landscapes. The Makaraya Botanical Gardens boast a diverse array of flora and fauna, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Makaraya River meanders through the heart of the town, inviting visitors to partake in serene boat rides and witness breathtaking sunsets.

Adventure and Recreation

Adventure-seekers are not left wanting in Makaraya. The surrounding hills offer thrilling trekking routes that lead to panoramic vistas, rewarding hikers with a sense of accomplishment and stunning vistas. The Makaraya Adventure Park caters to adrenaline junkies, featuring ziplining, rock climbing, and more, against a backdrop of verdant beauty.

Relaxation and Leisure

For those yearning for relaxation, Makaraya’s tranquil aura provides the perfect respite. Yoga and meditation retreats in the lap of nature enable travelers to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. Unwinding by the riverside, listening to the soothing melody of flowing water, offers a meditative experience like no other.

Local Cuisine and Dining

Culinary explorations in Makaraya are a delight for the senses. Traditional dishes, infused with local spices and flavors, offer a delectable journey into the region’s gastronomic heritage. The bustling Makaraya Bazaar is a sensory carnival, where the aroma of street food beckons and the colorful array of fresh produce entices.

Shopping and Souvenirs

The vibrant markets of Makaraya are a shopper’s haven, brimming with handcrafted souvenirs, textiles, and jewelry. Exploring these bustling bazaars is an immersive experience, as travelers haggle good-naturedly with local artisans, forging connections through commerce and culture.

Hospitality and Service

Makaraya’s warm hospitality is deeply ingrained in its fabric. Locals embrace visitors with open arms, sharing stories, and extending genuine camaraderie. The quaint guesthouses and boutique hotels offer a cozy haven, where personalized service ensures that every traveler feels like family.

Safety and Security

Makaraya’s peaceful ambiance is complemented by its strong commitment to safety and security. The town’s friendly residents and community-based approach contribute to a harmonious environment, allowing visitors to explore with a sense of ease.

Best Time to Visit and Weather

The best time to explore Makaraya is during the mild and pleasant months of spring and autumn when the weather is comfortable for outdoor activities. Spring (March to May) brings blooming flowers and moderate temperatures, while autumn (September to November) offers clear skies and vibrant foliage.

How to get there

  • Start in Colombo.
  • Head to Kandy.
  • Continue to Digana.
  • Proceed to Hunnasgiriya.
  • From Hunnasgiriya, go to Udadummbara.
  • Continue to Gurulupotha.
  • Move on to Hasalaka New Town.
  • Proceed to Mahiyangana.
  • From Mahiyangana, take the Bibile-Uraniya-Mahiyangana road.
  • At the Mahiyangana road junction, Bibile-Uraniya-Mahiyangana road turns slightly right and becomes Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkaladi highway.
  • Continue on the Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkaladi highway.
  • Stay on the road as it turns into Inginiyagala road.
  • Reach Inginiyagala.
  • Continue to Inginiyagala Dam.
  • Finally, reach Makaraya, which is around 20 km from Inginiyagala Dam.

The estimated total distance for this route is approximately 320 km, and the estimated travel time is around 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Best Hotels in the Nearby Area

  • Makaraya Heritage Resort: An opulent retreat that exudes old-world charm, offering luxurious accommodations and modern amenities.
  • Riverside Inn: Nestled along the Makaraya River, this boutique hotel provides a serene escape with breathtaking views.
  • Hillside Retreat: Perched atop a hill, this eco-friendly hotel provides panoramic vistas and an immersive natural experience.


Makaraya, with its tapestry of history, culture, and nature, offers a transformative journey that lingers in the heart long after the trip has ended. From enchanting landmarks to authentic encounters, this hidden treasure promises a symphony of experiences that captivate the senses and rejuvenate the soul. Embrace the warmth of its hospitality, explore its natural wonders, and immerse yourself in its cultural riches – Makaraya is a destination that truly has it all.

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