May this Hajj be a source of happiness and joy for all, especially our Sri Lankan Islamic brothers and sisters, as well as the Muslims across the world!


In these difficult occasions, as we try for a future stuffed with renewed hope, the appearance of the Hajj competition this 12 months is of utmost significance.

The sacred competition of Hajj, embodies values and fulfilment derived from participating in humanitarian endeavours, searching for options for the impoverished, with out the expectation of respite from one’s personal difficulties. It’s a testomony of the spirit of selflessness and compassion.

Prophet Ibrahim, his son Prophet Ishmael, and Mom Hagar stand as timeless symbols of dedication and sacrifice. For hundreds of years, they’ve been revered universally, with their sacrifices being a supply of gratitude and admiration.

In current occasions, Sri Lanka has confronted its personal share of adversity. Nevertheless, it’s via the unwavering dedication, sacrifice and persistence of our residents that these challenges have been confronted and reached the current state. The Hajj competition is an opportune event to memorialize and honour these sacrifices.

The collective efforts, interventions and participation of everybody, are essential in overcoming the financial and social difficulties being at present confronted. Subsequently, I invite all Sri Lankan residents to hitch fingers throughout this Hajj competition, and be united in a standard trigger to attain our home, regional and world objectives.

As we have fun this joyous Hajj competition, I want to remind the current era, in addition to the aged, on the significance of not passing on the burdens of hardship to our future peer teams. As a substitute, allow us to nurture them as a proud nation, one that’s revered by the worldwide neighborhood whereas making certain sustainable happiness.

Might this Hajj be a supply of happiness and pleasure for all, particularly our Sri Lankan Islamic brothers and sisters, in addition to the Muslims internationally!


Ranil Wickremesinghe
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
twenty eighth June, 2023

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