Most Secret Underground Water pool | Nil Diya Pokuna, Sri Lanka


In Ella, there is a submerged pond called Nil Diya Pokuna that is thought to have been created by the legendary king Ravana. The pond is 80 meters deep and is located in Karandagolla’s mountain cave.

There are two separate openings that lead to the cave, with the better-known one located nearby in a forest preserve. Then, a local found a second access to private land. The pond can be reached by entering the cave through a rabbit hole.

Adventurers should explore Nil Diya Pokuna, but they should exercise caution when doing so. The pond’s water is perfectly transparent and takes on a blue tint when light bounces off of it.

** Pro Guide | Nil Diya Pokuna 👉 +94760194565 ( Mr.Meththananda ) **
** Bathing Place 👉 Pallewela Ella **

Location of Waterfall: Google Map
Location of Underground pool: Google Map

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