Peradeniya Botanical Garden


The Peradeniya Botanical Garden was established in 1821 with the intention of importing coffee plants and the surrounding tropical plantations, which officials believed would boost the local economy. The gardens have been a horticultural activity center for the duration of their existence. Botanist George H.K. Thwaites helped launch the nation’s thriving tea industry in the late 1870s. The Brazilian rubber tree, which later became one of Sri Lanka’s top three export commodities, was also introduced by him. The botanical produce has had a significant improvement over time.

Peradeniya Botanical Garden
Peradeniya Botanical Garden

The Peradeniya Botanical Garden was formerly a retreat for the aristocracy in the Kandyan Kingdom and offers an amazing variety of animals and vegetation. And today, the public is welcome to visit the 67 hectares of a vast terrain, where they may take in the natural splendor. The gardens are overflowing with stunningly planted areas that are adorned with various orchid species, an avenue that is neatly arranged with royal palms swaying slowly to the rhythm of the cold breeze, and the amazing fruit tree that bears the aptly named “cannonball” that graces the green lawn. Another well-liked tree is the enormous Javan Fig Tree, which has an enormous central trunk and a canopy of branches in the shape of an umbrella. It is situated on lush grass.

The gardens are overrun with bats, and tens of thousands of monkeys will steal fruit from your hands and silently eat it. But they live here and are a part of this opulent, expansive Garden.

The Kandy Railway station is close to the botanical gardens, and buses that travel the same route stop there. Since the gardens are a popular tourist destination, transportation is widely available. Another draw of the gardens is that they may be utilized for picnics and are regarded as a lovely location to relax by both locals and visitors. When we talk about a picnic, we imply that you could bring your food, set up a checked tablecloth, and enjoy the splendor of nature while you savor the delights. It might be considered a “green picnic.”

The gardens have been ruled over by numerous monarchs, including Kings and the British, yet despite this, they have maintained their beauty and remain one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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