Police hunt for four suspects including cop involved in robbery


The police have commenced investigations within the hunt for 4 folks along with a police officer who had been involved in a theft.


The police officer in question, who’s related to Chilaw Police, had devoted this theft along with 04 totally different people, primarily based on police.


Giranegama Police in Kekirawa acknowledged that the associated suspects had stolen nearly Rs. 3 million after stopping a lorry passing by way of its police division.


The suspected police officer involved throughout the incident has been acknowledged as a sergeant related to Chillaw Police, and a resident of the Wikiliya house.


Certainly one of many suspects involved on this theft has been arrested by the Makulugaswewa Police along with a motorbike and handed over to the Giranegama Police for added investigations, the police talked about.


The arrested suspect, who was remanded in custody, has divulged particulars in regards to the associated police sergeant in the midst of the interrogations.


It is found that the police sergeant in question, along with 04 of us residing in his house, had been engaged in all these robberies for some time now. Clad in police uniforms and feigning to be officers on website guests duty, that they’d stopped cars passing by way of deserted areas and stolen money from them, primarily based on police.


On the talked about day, the suspects who arrived on bikes had stopped a lorry, belonging to a businessman throughout the Galewela engaged in journey commerce, near a deserted house in Giranegama police division. They’d searched the automotive claiming to have obtained a tip-off that it was transporting heroin, the police added.


Later, the suspects had fled the scene after stealing money from the businessman, talked about the police.


The driving drive of the talked about lorry, who then chased the suspects, managed to stop one amongst them by deliberately crashing his automotive in direction of the suspect’s motorcycle. He has handed him over to the Makulugaswewa police with the assistance of the residents of the world.


Makulugaswewa Police have uncovered additional particulars in regards to the money theft whereas interrogating the associated suspect.


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