Pope Francis Presides Over Funeral for Pope Benedict XVI


In his homily on the Requiem Mass for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Pope Francis commends his predecessor into the loving arms of God the Father, and prayed that his pleasure may now be full as he contemplates the Lord face to face.

For the first time in numerous numerous of years, the Vatican held a funeral service for a former pope, presided over by the present Pope.

On December 31, 2022 Pope Benedict died on the age of 95. 

Though he was no longer “the Pope,”  he was a Pope Emeritus. 

Subsequently, his funeral adopted the similar pointers for an full of life Pope as specified by the “Funeral Rites of the Roman Pontiff.”

The service began after three days whereby Benedict’s physique, carrying robes and clutching rosary beads, has been on present, allowing tens of 1000’s of mourners to file earlier.

Led by Pope Francis, the service included standard elements along with some that had been specific particular person to this funeral.

Part of the ritual of burying a Pope comprises “the ritual of three coffins.” The first is a cypress wood coffin and it symbolises humility and that the Pope was an atypical human being. 

Included throughout the coffin may be a reproduction of the funeral mass and baggage of gold, silver and copper money. The number of money in each bag match the number of years he was Pope. 

The cypress coffin is the put proper right into a lead coffin. 

Included on this coffin is a reproduction of paperwork he issued beneath his papal seal. 

The lead coffin will soldered shut and have his determine, dates of the papacy and a skull and crossbones engraved on excessive. 

The third and shutting coffin is an elm coffin. 

Elm is rare in Rome and is meant to characterize dignity.

This coffin incorporates a parchment in a copper tube with a listing of the Pontiff’s achievements. 

This coffin is then sealed with golden nails.

He was buried throughout the crypt beneath St Peter’s Basilica, in an house that was as quickly as occupied by the coffin of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II.

Solely two worldwide delegations had been formally invited – from Italy, whereby the Vatican rests, and from Germany, residence nation of Benedict, who was beforehand usually referred to as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

In February 2013, Pope Benedict XVI grew to turn into the first pope in 600 years to abdicate. 

Since that time he had been dwelling in Vatican Metropolis as Pope Emeritus. 

“Father, into your arms I commend my spirit.”

Pope Francis recalled these closing phrases spoken by the Lord, as proclaimed throughout the Gospel learning on the Requiem Mass for the late Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Thursday morning in St. Peter’s Sq..

In his homily, the Pope talked about Jesus’ closing phrases summed up the Lord’s complete life, “a ceaseless self-entrustment into the arms of His Father.” 

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