Preparations for G.C.E. O/L Exams: Security arrangements in place


COLOMBO (Info 1st) – The Division of Examinations assures most of the people that full security preparations have been meticulously put in place for the upcoming 2022 GCE OL Examination. Commissioner Frequent of Examinations, Amith Jayasundara, confirms that the assistance of the armed forces, along with the police, will play a significant perform in making sure a protected setting for the examination.

To deal with any surprising circumstances, the Commissioner Frequent of Examinations assures that contingency plans have been established to take care of emergencies all via the examination interval.

Remarkably, this yr, ten inmates might even be among the many many people of the GCE OL examination. Chandana Ekanayake, the Jail Spokesman, reveals that 5 inmates from Watareka Jail and 5 from Welikada Jail have been granted the prospect to sit down down for the examination. Notably, one among many candidates from Welikada Jail is serving a life sentence.

The GCE OL examination is scheduled to start tomorrow, signaling a significant milestone for the candidates involved. With an entire of 472,553 candidates, distributed all through 3,568 examination services

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