Role of coroner to be streamlined and made more efficient


The Cabinet of Ministers has given the nod to several proposals tabled by the Minister of Justice, Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reforms in a bid to streamline the role of coroner and make it more efficient.

Coroners are appointed in Sri Lanka on “Korala” basis, municipal division basis and hospital basis. The government says people find it difficult to get the services of coroners due to the inability to identify the boundaries of the relevant jurisdictions.

Meanwhile, the large number of vacancies in some districts due to the non-appointment of a coroner for a long time is another reason that inconveniences the people.

In order to resolve those issues and provide a more efficient and regular service to the people, the Ministry of Justice, Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reforms has prepared a fixed manual clearly stating the provisions including the qualifications, responsibilities and roles of the coroners.

In accordance with the provisions of the said manual, the ministry has planned to assign all currently appointed coroners to Divisional Secretariats and identified hospitals, to appoint bilingual inspectors for bilingual Divisional Secretariats, and to make new recruitments to fill the remaining vacancies.

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