Solutions to common problems faced by 4G LTE



Solutions to common problems faced by 4G LTE
Solutions to common problems faced by 4G LTE

As 4G connections are spreading across the country, the rumor of high-speed internet facilities is also spreading rapidly.  Because of this, if you try to experience the same service on your phone, if there are various problems that cause a headache, you can know the best solutions that can be taken from your side.

 Call not working

You may have been experiencing the fast data of 4G and your friends have told you that you have not received a call for a long time or no matter how many calls you try.  But you are very sure that you did not put Airplane mode or Emergency calls only on the phone.  This is a common problem with smartphones.

 Because it is very easy to use 4G data for the internet, many people set it as “4G Only”.  This year, even the flagship phones have removed it and set it to LTE/3G/2G (auto connect), but it can be set to LTE Only by various apps.  But then the signal is weak and the lack of VoLTE prevents calls from working at all.

 The solution to this is to switch back to Auto connect after using the internet and enjoy the internet from a location with a good 4G signal rather than LTE Only as recommended by the phone.

 VoLTE not working

Voice Over LTE (calling over 4G) allows you to make calls with a clearer voice.  You can experience this service if you switch to a 4G SIM card.  But it needs two main factors.  That is, whether your phone supports VoLTE and whether VoLTE is supported in your area.  You can find out by contacting your telephone service provider.

 When set to LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) in phone settings, it will be able to connect to calls over 2G or 3G if VoLTE is not available in your area.  Also, if the phone has VoLTE facilities, it can be seen how to turn it on/off in the settings.  This can be seen by searching for VoLTE from the Search box in Settings or by visiting Connections > Mobile networks.

 Despite having LTE, not all phones have VoLTE facilities, and some service providers have to enable VoLTE by calling their customer service.  But some phone service providers in this country do not provide VoLTE connection even to flagship phones like Note 10.  When VoLTE is properly activated, VoLTE or HD will appear next to the signal indicator on most phone models.

 No signal or phone not recognizing the sim

If you are using a phone that is three years old or older then you will face problems like a lack of LTE capabilities and very low signal.  Therefore, it is important to keep your device up-to-date with modern technology.

 If the phone supports LTE on a recent phone and you’re not getting a 4G data connection, it’s because your phone is 3G.  It is possible to switch to a 4G SIM from the phone service provider and sometimes it is possible to get it by mail for free.

 If the phone or router does not recognize the 4G SIM, it is because the device does not support the 4G band of the respective service provider.  It’s also the reason why cell phones on 4G routers don’t work.  Therefore, when you buy devices, you must confirm that they support the 4G Bands of service providers in Sri Lanka.

 Data not working and 4G issues on the second sim

 If you insert a 4G SIM card and the phone supports 4G but the data connection is not established or the SIM card is not recognized, it is because the SIM card is not inserted properly or the Internet settings are not set on the phone.  For this, by removing the SIM and reinserting it (turning Airplane mode on/off is not enough) it is possible to correctly position the SIM and recover the Internet settings.

 If the data is no longer working, check your account balance, call customer service and ask for internet data settings to be sent to the phone.  After installing it you can get an internet facility.

 Some Dual SIM phones are not able to experience 4G services from both SIMs.  Some allow you to switch the 4G service, so you can enable 4G for the second sim without physically switching the sim to the first.  To do that, go to Dual SIM Management from Settings > Connection, (steps vary depending on the phone model) change the Network mode or select the SIM that should be used for 4G.  Also, VoLTE facilities are often not available in both sims.

Frequent loss of relationships

 Losing connection frequently when you are making calls or using data over 4G can be annoying.  As mentioned above, it is the reason why many people set it as 4G Only.  One of the reasons for this is the lack of uniform signal coverage as 4G services are still being rolled out across the country.

 If you are making calls while traveling, the devices take time to switch between communication towers and the signal strength is low, so the call drops due to the inability to maintain a continuous connection.  Therefore, it is essential to set LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) from Settings > Connection when leaving the city.  It also minimizes battery drain by trying for 4G itself.

 Currently, everyone has to suffer these problems constantly and in another year or two (after 6G is also popular) 4G connections will be experienced smoothly.  Not only in our country but also in India, these problems are happening and it is now clear to you that the devices we use, the nature of the area we are in, the service quality of the telephone service provider, etc.

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