Sri Lanka raises visa and other fees from December 1, 2022


According to the budget proposal for 2023, visa fees and other relevant costs will increase as of December 1st. The controller of the department of the controller general has issued a specific notice in accordance. According to the release, the fees for obtaining dual citizenship have risen to an alarming USD 2000.

The charge, however, has been reduced to just USD 500 for grants to partners or children under the age of 22. Under the citizenship, there is now a Rs 2000 fee to receive certified copies of certificates.

The administrative fee for an oath taken by a commercial seaman has increased to USD 25. The fee for electronic travel approval for visitors will be USD 50, while it is USD 55 for traders. For electronic travel permission, there is a landing fee of USD 60 for tourists and USD 65 for traders. Under the “my dream house visa” program, a valid visa is issued for a price of $200; this amount also applies to the resident guest system.

200 USD is the fee for issuing a permit to appear in court. The cost to issue a visa for children of Sri Lankan parents with foreign passports is USD 150, regardless of the age restriction.

The fee for granting a valid visa to children who are dependent on a spouse who is not a Sri Lankan is $150 for each age group that is not taken into account.

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