Sri Padaya (Adam’s Peak)


The holiest mountain, Sri Padaya (Adam’s Peak), is found in Nuwara Eliya. People from Sri Lanka strive to visit at least once during their lifetime because it has been revered for generations. Around 5000 stairs must be climbed to reach Sri Padaya, which is 2243 meters high. You’ll be taken aback by the magnificent view of the sun if you reach the summit before daybreak.

Sri Padaya (Adam’s Peak)

The highest vista, the rising sun, is the most alluring. You must climb all night to the top before dawn if you don’t want to lose this opportunity. Sri Lankans believe that the sun should be worshipped three times before rising. There is a sizable footprint at the peak’s summit. Buddhists in Sri Lanka consider it to be Lord Buddha’s left footprint. According to Hinduism, that is Shiva’s footprint. Muslims and Christians both hold the view that Adam set foot on earth after departing paradise. However, this peak is revered and respected equally by all of these religions.

The months of November through May are the finest for visiting this holy mountain. During this time, the majority of Sri Lankans typically visit this peak as a pilgrimage. You can hear Sri Lankan poems written especially for this journey if you go during this time. Additionally, you can see many cultural practices practiced in Sri Lanka throughout this vacation.

There is a Buddhist temple at the peak of the mountain where the Buddha’s foot ceremonies are performed. During the open season, you can take part in these ceremonies every morning. The rites begin once the Sun rises, or “Ira Sewaya” in Sinhala.

The off-season for Sri Pada pilgrimages runs from June through October. People steer clear of climbing this mountain because of the dense rain mist. This is the perfect time to go if you enjoy exploring new places. If you climb during the off-season, be prepared with appropriate attire. You will have a memorable travel experience as a result of this.

To go to Sri Padaya, there are six ways (Adams Peak). Hatton-Nallathanni Road is one among them. The Rathnapura-Palabaddala road comes in second. Kuruwita – Erathna is third. Murraywatte, Mookuwatte, and Malimboda are some of the others. You can reach the Sri Padaya mountain by using one of these trails.

Sri Pada Location on the Google Map

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