Temple of the Tooth Relic or the Sri Dalada Maligawa – Kandy


The Temple of the Tooth Relic, also known as the Sri Dalada Maligawa, is located in the heart of Kandy town with a view of the “Kiri Muda” (Sea of Milk), as the Kandy Lake was previously called. The temple is notable because it houses the Lord Buddha’s tooth relic, which is maintained in the temple’s interior chambers. According to legend, the tooth relic was originally kept in Kalinga and was brought into the country against the will of Princess Hemamali and Prince Dantha.This sacred temple has a very illustrious history.

Visitors are in awe every time they see the exquisite paintings and sculptures that are still on display in the Temple because of its stunning architecture. Alongside the moat and Bogambara Lake, there is a brick wall known as the “water waves wall” that is constructed. A feature of devotion in Sri Lankan temples is the lighting of coconut oil lamps, which is accomplished through holes drilled into the walls. The moonstone, known as Sandakada Pahana, which has been exquisitely carved at the foot of the Mahawahalkada steps, is the most striking feature of the temple’s entrance gate, known as the Mahawahalkada. This moonstone features Kandyan architectural carvings.

The main shrine is enclosed by a golden gate and is covered by a golden canopy. The tooth relic is guarded by seven gold caskets set with pricey diamonds. The coffins have stupa-like shapes. This chamber also houses the casket that is utilized during the Kandy Esela Perahera and is carried by a magnificent elephant. The Esela Perahera is held every year and is a festival that is eagerly anticipated by Sri Lankans and foreigners alike.

The Sacred Tooth Relic is carried in a casket that is mounted on a stately elephant, and the Perahera, or procession, passes through Kandy while whip dancers, stilt walkers, and fire-dancers perform for the crowds that swarm either side of the route it takes.

This revered structure includes the Mahamaluwa, the Audience Hall, and the Royal Palace.

Temple of the Tooth Location on the Google Map

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