Thupramaya: Stupa


Thuparamaya: The Oldest Stupa of Sri Lanka

Have you ever wondered which of Sri Lanka’s stupas is the oldest?

Thuparamaya -Anuradhapura
Thuparamaya -Anuradhapura

Thuparamaya, the first stupa built between 250 BC and 210 BC under the watch of Mahinda, an ambassador sent to Sri Lanka by the Indian King Ashoka, was built during the reign of King Devamnampiyatissa. Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka by Mahinda and Sangamiththa, the son and daughter of King Ashoka. Buddha’s collar bone was carried by Mahinda to be preserved in the stupa, which is still present. It is obvious that it was an Aramic Complex as well as a Stupa. The Aramic Complex, which surrounded the Stupa and comprised around 312 acres, is currently in ruins. Stupa-house, sometimes referred to as Vedagate, is one of the Stupa’s most austere features. The two circles of pillars that encircle the stupa provided support for the walkway’s roof, which was another dome as evidenced by the circles’ progressively lower heights. It is a reminder of exquisite craftsmanship.

A history of gold and bricks

The Vedatgate had a gold and silver exterior before the Pandyans pillaged it in the seventh century. Mahinda IV covered the Vedagate with gold and silver once more around 956–972 AD, but one again, the Colas robbed it. This was 2.5 centuries later.

Then, in 1862, after a lengthy interval of 900 years, it underwent modern renovation once more, changing the Stupa’s historic features.

In the view of construction

This oldest Stupa is found in Sri Lanka’s Anuradhapura. It is built in the form of a bell. The granite-paved dome measures 18 meters in diameter at its base and is 3.45 meters tall. The stupa has previously been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. In Sri Lanka, the Stupa is called the Dagoba.

Things To Do

In addition to the Thuparamaya Dogba, there are many other stunning locations around that you should explore.

Sangamiththa Stupa:

Just 130 meters to the east of Thuparamaya Stupa is a very modest stupa. It was given that name in honor of the daughter of Indian King Ashoka, who traveled to Sri Lanka somewhere around 249 BC.

Padalanchana Chethiya:

There is another little stupa called as Pedalanchana Chethiya, constructed by king Lagnatissa, 50 meters south of Thuparamaya Stupa. After his third trip to Sri Lanka, Buddha is said to have stepped in the center before ascending into the air and departing for India.

The ruins of ancient Hospital:

The remains of an ancient hospital where patients were cared for and treated during the Anuradhapura era may be found on the east-south grounds of the Stupa. Around the remains, you can find the healing stones that were formerly used to treat the sick and injured. By adding medicinal mixtures to baths, it was used to treat diseases including snake bites.

The royal palace of King Vijayabahu:

After defeating the Indian Colas, King Vijayabahu built this temporary palace as a celebration. The building’s current dimensions are 39*66m. At the palace’s gate, two Guardstones with the names Sankhini and Padmanidhi may be seen.

How to reach Thuparamaya?

The entire continent is well connected to Thuparamaya. There are three ways to get there: via bus, rail, and air.

By Air: Colombo airport, located 183 kilometers from Thuparamaya, is the closest airport to the city. From the airport, you can get a taxi, cab, or bus directly to Thuparamaya.

By Rail: Anuradhapura city has two train stations. Both the main station in Anuradhapura and the New Town Station, which is located in the southern section of the city, is close to the old bus town. From there, you may either take a taxi to the stupa or walk through the city to get there.

By Bus: The city has two bus stations, just like there are two railway stations. The New Bus Station will transport you north and east, whereas the Old Bus Station will take you south and west.

Where to eat?

Rangiri Restaurant:

This is the spot for you if you want to tempt your taste buds with some seriously delicious meals. This restaurant serves a particularly mouthwatering rice and curry combination.

Rasa Gedara:
This home has a lovely interior. After a long day, one might come here for dinner. Good service is offered. Come here to sample real Sri Lankan food.

Seedevi Family Restaurant:
Seedevi Restaurant, regarded as the cleanest restaurant among tourists, is renowned for its excellent service. Although there aren’t many meal selections available here, the buffet is recognized for its variety and flavor.

Pizza Hut:
Pizza Hut is available if you want to visit an international restaurant chain.

Harvest Café and Restaurant:

Harvest Café and Restaurant has contemporary decor and is well-known for its delectable pizzas, sandwiches, and biryani for biryani aficionados.


If you want to learn about and comprehend Buddhism, you must visit Thuparamaya because of its fascinating history and the stunning monuments that surround the temple. When you return to Sri Lanka, make sure to stop by this location. It will be a peaceful encounter.

PS: A word of advice: If it’s a hot day, make sure you were wearing socks when you entered the building.

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For a perfect day infused with Buddhist spiritualism, Thuparamaya stands in all its glory and majestic ambiance. With places like Sangamiththa Stupa, Padalanchana Chethiya, and the Royal palace of King Vijayabahu around, this place makes for a stunning and beautiful symbol of Sri Lanka’s rich past. The place is easily accessible from all the major transport facilities and the area around is equipped with all the modern amenities.

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