Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka for First Time Visitors – Part 1


Do you know that Sri Lanka is just located in Southeast of India – a hidden gem of the Indian Ocean and nicknamed Pearl of the Indian Ocean and Teardrop of India.
Pearl of the Indian Ocean is given to this small island nation probably due to its incredible natural beauty, extraordinary biodiversity as well as its precious gemstones. Besides, the island has a teardrop shape and is off the coast of India, which is easier to see from the map. That’s why it is also called teardrop of India.
Sri Lanka is also packed with a large variety of animals, home of cinnamon, leading tea producer and exporter and called as the land of serendipity and so many more.
The first one is the SIGIRIYA ROCK FORTRESS – Also known as Lion’s Rock, Sigiriya is an astonishing ancient fortress built atop a rock and named from a giant lion’s paws at the entrance of it.
The second one is Kandy and the Temple of the Tooth- Kandy is the second-largest city of the country and the last ancient Kingdom capital. This marvelous city is home to one of the most sacred Buddhist temple in the world, the Temple of the Tooth.
The third one is the Adam’s Peak- Sri Pada for the locals, is a 2243 meter tall mountain in the central region of Sri Lanka. This beautiful peak has been an important pilgrimage site for the last 2 thousand years. According to the Buddhist tradition, it is a footprint of Lord Buddha.
The fourth one is Yala National Park- Sri Lanka is a wildlife lovers paradise, one of the best places in Asia for seeing wildlife. Indeed in Yala, the most famous National Park in the country, you will be surrounded by an incredible variety of species.
The fifth one is the Galle and his Dutch Fort -This incredible city, surely one of the amazing places to visit in Sri Lanka, is full of charming Dutch-era villas and delightful seaside views.

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