Wasantha writes to the people of Sri Lanka from prison


COLOMBO (Data 1st) – Convenor of the Inter School School college students Federation Wasantha Mudalige who was positioned beneath remand custody after being detained beneath the Prevention of Terrorism Act addressed an open letter to the people of Sri Lanka.

The letter states that the Aragalaya need to be chosen to ensure one of the best to life, and that the scholar movement is ready to make any sacrifice to achieve this. 

In his letter, Wasantha Mudalige says that whereas the precise terrorists roam free, the people who’ve been branded as terrorist languish in jail. 

He says that the primary of January was his 100 and thirty fifth day in jail after combating for the welfare of the society and calling for monetary and political change throughout the nation. 

He added that there are quite a few additional people who fought for the same set off languishing in jail. 

He further elements out that the lives of people throughout the heart class have collapsed on account of catastrophe, and says that the state of affairs would totally wipe out a middle-class in society.

Wasantha Mudalige says that the aspirations of the People’s wrestle have not however been achieved, and gives that the Ranil Rajapaksa Junta proceed to behave as they did sooner than. 

Wasantha Mudalige further states that the federal authorities has launched a big smear advertising and marketing marketing campaign to discredit the people’s wrestle with the intention of defending up their very personal failures and ineptitude. 

He elements out that each one people ought to unite no matter such smear campaigns launched by the federal authorities. 

In his open letter, Wasantha Mudalige gives that that’s solely the begining of the Aragalaya and that the people’s wrestle is far from over. 

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