10 Best Restaurants in Kandy


Kandy, the historical and cultural heart of Sri Lanka, offers a gastronomic journey through an array of top-tier restaurants. Below is a detailed list of the 10 best restaurants in Kandy, including a highlighted section on The Empire Cafe that captures the essence of this vibrant eatery.

The Empire Cafe

Nestled in the colonial charm of the Olde Empire Hotel, The Empire Cafe boasts a glorious position next to the sacred Temple of the Tooth. Known for its colorful ambiance and rich history dating back to the 1890s, this delightful spot serves as a tranquil retreat amidst the hustle of Kandy city center.

  • Breezy verandah with views of the Temple of the Tooth
  • Housed in a designated UN conserved building
  • Offers a blend of relaxed cafe-style food in a historical setting

Balaji Dosai

Indulge in the pure flavors of South India with a visit to Balaji Dosai, a gem of vegetarian culinary artistry in the scenic city of Kandy. Modern yet intimately tied to traditions, this specialty eatery is celebrated for serving arguably the best dosas in town.

Embrace the immediacy and excitement of watching your dish being masterfully prepared right before your eyes. The restaurant’s singularly focused menu allows for a deep exploration of dosa varieties, each more tempting than the last. Whether you’re craving a classic masala dosa or venturing into more innovative creations, Balaji Dosai offers an experience where taste is paramount and authenticity is never compromised.


  • Exquisite, handcrafted dosas and other South Indian vegetarian dishes
  • Witness the culinary spectacle with meals cooked within view
  • Contemporary ambiance, deeply rooted in culinary tradition

Discover why Balaji Dosai has earned its reputation as the go-to destination in Kandy for vegetarian delights—where each dish promises a gastronomic journey, setting your taste buds alight with traditional Indian spices and flavors.

Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar (Bamboo Garden)

Known for its sublime Chinese dishes and awe-inspiring views of the city, this Lounge Bar is a sanctuary for those looking to unwind with great food and ambiance.

Helga’s Folly

This eccentric and artistic establishment is more akin to an art gallery turned restaurant. The mesmerizing interiors complement the unique flavors of their home-cooked meals, making every visit truly special.

The Kandy House

Dive into an atmosphere of colonial splendor and enjoy a menu that expertly mixes local ingredients with international techniques for an exceptional fine dining experience.

Cafe Divine Street

Cafe Divine Street caters to those seeking a contemporary twist to their meals, serving an assortment of healthy and indulgent options alike.

Soya Centre

Exploring the versatility of soy, Soya Centre offers an array of dishes showcasing soya-based meat alternatives, perfect for the health-conscious and the curious palate.

Cool Corner Fried Ice Cream Parlor

A haven for dessert enthusiasts, this parlor takes ice cream to the next level with its signature fried ice cream in multiple flavors.

Royal Bar & Hotel Restaurant

Situated in the city’s nucleus, it offers a journey through Eastern and Western cuisine coupled with a distinguished beverage selection.

The White House Restaurant

Amidst stylish interiors and a peaceful environment, The White House Restaurant presents an array of international and local dishes crafted to delight every diner.

Whether you are searching for an authentic local meal, a taste of international flavors, or an unforgettable dining experience, these restaurants in Kandy are sure to enrich your culinary adventures.

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