Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa


A Green Hideaway in Ginigathena

Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa

In the lush landscapes of Ginigathena, Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa emerges as a beacon of eco-luxury and peaceful retreat. This splendid sanctuary not only promises a stay replete with comfort and tranquility but also remains dutifully tethered to its environmental principles.

Comfort Meets Nature

Embracing its picturesque surroundings, Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa features an array of amenities designed to enhance the natural experience while providing all the comforts of modern hospitality.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa 5

Immerse yourself in the cool waters of the outdoor swimming pool, set amidst the garden’s verdant splendor. It’s the perfect place to unwind and relish the beauty of Arsulana’s serene environment.

Lush Garden and Terraces

The meticulously maintained garden invites guests to take a leisurely stroll or simply relax on the terrace, which boasts panoramic views of the stunning natural scenery. The harmony of this space with the local ecosystem encapsulates the lodge’s commitment to eco-friendly tourism.

Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa 2

Unmatched Services

Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa goes above and beyond to ensure guests feel supported throughout their stay, with services that cater to convenience and comfort.

24-Hour Front Desk and Room Service

Round-the-clock service means that guest needs are promptly attended to at any hour, whether it’s a late-night snack from room service or assistance with any other requirement.

Airport Transfers

Travel worry-free with the lodge’s airport transfer service, ensuring your journey to and from the accommodation is as seamless as your stay.

Free Wi-Fi

Stay connected with the outside world, if you choose, through the complimentary Wi-Fi service, available even as you indulge in the digital detox that the natural surroundings invite.

A True Gem in Ginigathena

Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa stands out not just for its dedication to sustainability and luxury but also for how it integrates the essence of Ginigathena into every guest’s experience. With the promise of impeccable service, stunning natural beauty, and a commitment to the environment, this eco-lodge is not just a place to stay—it’s a place to be alive to the wonders of nature and the possibilities of responsible tourism.

Most Popular Facilities

Here’s a list featuring the most popular amenities at Arsulana Eco Lodge & Spa, pairing each with a related icon for a visually appealing presentation.

![🏊] Outdoor Swimming Pool. ![✈️] Airport Shuttle. ![💆] Spa and Wellness Centre

![📶] Free WiFi. ![🛎️] Room Service ![🅿️] Free Parking ![👪] Family Rooms ![🍳] Breakfast

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