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Today’s weather forecast

The Department of Meteorology says parts of the Western and Sabaragamuwa provinces, as well as Galle and Matara districts, are likely to receive fairly heavy showers of about 75mm.

Misty conditions can be expected at some places in Western, Central, Sabaragamuwa and Uva provinces and in Galle and Matara districts during the morning.

The general public is advised to take adequate precautions to minimize damages caused by temporary localized strong winds and lightning during thundershowers.

On the apparent northward relative motion of the sun, it is going to be directly over the latitudes of Sri Lanka from 5 – 15 April this year. The nearest areas of Sri Lanka over which the sun is overhead today are Kumulamunai, Murikandi, Keridamadu and Tanniyatttu around 12.10 p.m.

The Department of Meteorology forecasts heavy showers in parts of Western and Sabaragamuwa provinces, Galle, and Matara districts with misty conditions in other areas of the country. Precautions should be taken to prevent damage from strong winds and lightning during thunderstorms. The sun will be directly overhead in Sri Lanka from 5-15 April, with specific areas like Kumulamunai, Murikandi, Keridamadu, and Tanniyatttu experiencing this around 12.10 p.m. It is important for the public to stay informed and prepared for changing weather conditions during this time.

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