Hakgala Botanical Garden – Nuwara Eliya


You absolutely must visit the Hakgala Botanical Garden at least once in your lifetime. The second largest of Sri Lanka’s five botanical gardens, this one is also one of the largest. Also regarded as the world’s most elevated botanical gardens

The Hakgala Botanical Garden is conveniently positioned on the main road. The distance to Nuwara Eliya is 16 kilometers. Because of the high altitude, the garden is always frigid. It is located at a height of 5,400 feet. 16 to 30 Celsius is the average annual temperature. Typically, the months of December and February are cold and April through August are mild.

The garden has a lengthy history of ownership. According to legend, after kidnapping Seetha, hid here. It goes on to explain that Seetha was given this land as a pleasure garden as a gift. Seetha Eliya is the name of the region. Despite what the tale claims, according to recorded history, George Henry founded the garden in 1861. It was put to use at the time for Cinchona cultivation research. It has previously been utilized for testing tea cultivation methods and It was formally transformed into a garden in 1884.

The 08 gardens that make up the sectored Hakgala Botanical Garden. The lower flower, upper flower, rose, glass, fernery, arboretum, and rock garden are among them. The central pond and bulb are another. You can see the variety of plants and trees when you visit these gardens. and broaden your understanding of botany and gardening. In the garden, 10,000 different species of flowers are in bloom.

This garden is well known for its extensive collection of roses and orchids. You can enjoy a picturesque vista with lovely flowers and buds in various colors. Natural beauty is enhanced by landscaping, well-maintained large and small trees, and lush grassland. As a result, this attractiveness draws several local and international tourists each year.

Visitors are welcome every day from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. However, the plant nursery shuts at 3:30. At the entrance, disabled people can rent wheelchairs for a reasonable price. Light motor vehicles are also permitted access to the garden. However, the best way to take in the scenery and discover the variety of plants is by walking.

Hakgala Botanical Garden Location on the Google Map

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