LeisureWorld Water Park – Hanwella


The Ultimate Destination for Fun and Adventure

LeisureWorld Water Park

Located in Seethawaka, Kaluaggala, Hanwella, Sri Lanka, LeisureWorld Water Park is the first water and amusement park in the country. With its thrilling rides, exciting attractions, and top-notch safety protocols, it is the perfect destination for friends and family looking to have a memorable day of fun.

A Variety of Attractions for Everyone

LeisureWorld Water Park offers a wide range of attractions that cater to visitors of all ages. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or prefer a more relaxed experience, there is something for everyone at this park.

  • Water Slides: The water slides at LeisureWorld are a major highlight of the park. From high-speed slides that will get your heart racing to gentle slides for the little ones, there is a slide for every thrill-seeker.
  • Wave Pool: Dive into the wave pool and experience the thrill of swimming in the ocean. The wave pool at LeisureWorld creates artificial waves, giving visitors a taste of the beach right in the heart of the park.
  • Kid-Friendly Attractions: The park also offers a variety of attractions specifically designed for children. From splash pads to mini slides, kids can have a blast in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Amusement Rides: In addition to the water attractions, LeisureWorld also features a range of amusement rides. From Ferris wheels to roller coasters, these rides provide a thrilling experience for visitors of all ages.

Strict Safety Protocols

At LeisureWorld Water Park, safety is a top priority. The park follows strict safety protocols to ensure that visitors can enjoy their day without any worries. Trained lifeguards are stationed at all water attractions, and there are clear guidelines and rules in place to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Additionally, the park provides life jackets and other safety equipment for those who need them. Visitors are also required to wear proper swimwear when using the pools in the water area, further ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Convenient Payment Options

LeisureWorld Water Park accepts MasterCard and Visa cards for individual packages. However, please note that this payment option is not applicable for corporate packages. If you are interested in the refreshment menu, the total payment should be made one week prior to your visit. You can check the payment details with the office for a hassle-free experience.

Operating Hours and Ticket Information

The park is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays and weekends. The water area is open from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm, while the amusement area is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please note that the park is closed on Mondays, except when a public holiday or Poya falls on a Monday. In such cases, the park will be open on Monday and closed on the immediate Tuesday.

If you are purchasing package A or B, you will have unlimited access to the water area. However, if you are purchasing package C, you will need to purchase the water area package separately to enter the water area.

During school holiday seasons, festival seasons, and public holidays, the park operates all seven days of the week. So, you can plan your visit accordingly and make the most of your leisure time.

Customer Reviews

LeisureWorld Water Park has received rave reviews from visitors who have experienced the park’s attractions and services. Here are some customer reviews:

  • “I had an amazing time at LeisureWorld Water Park. The water slides were thrilling, and the wave pool was so much fun. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the safety measures were top-notch.” – John
  • “LeisureWorld is the perfect place to spend a day with family. My kids loved the kid-friendly attractions, and I enjoyed the amusement rides. We will definitely be visiting again.” – Sarah
  • “I highly recommend LeisureWorld Water Park to anyone looking for a fun and exciting day out. The park is well-maintained, and the staff goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.” – Michael
LeisureWorld Water Park
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Dilshi ChethikaDilshi Chethika
05:13 16 Apr 24
My favorite place ❤
13:57 15 Apr 24
Saminda GunawardaneSaminda Gunawardane
06:30 15 Apr 24
Dry and wet zones with lot of fun rides. You can spend the whole day, go early! Good value for money, number of packages available to suit any person. Restaurants available. Proper swimwear required for the wet zone. Management should pay little bit more attention to maintain the standards…
Jana EzhilJana Ezhil
04:12 13 Apr 24
LeisureWorld Water Park was enjoyable. The water theme provided a fun atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment, especially during the public holiday.Most of the staff were very kind and accommodating, contributing positively to the experience.However, I was disappointed by the high prices for official photography services, with each soft copy photo costing 250 rupees. Additionally, the restriction on using professional cameras was inconvenient for capturing memories. Despite these drawbacks, LeisureWorld Water Park remains a wonderful destination for water-themed fun and relaxation.
Abdullah MohamedAbdullah Mohamed
19:50 12 Apr 24
⛔️Read it before Go to the leasure World ,⛔️Don't waste your money buying unwanted packages.Clearly read this review and if found it is helpful for you just give a like through( Helpful 👍) button.⚠️ Detailed guidelines and some extra informative things...........................................................................PACKAGES details in LKR... thare are 4 various types of packages, those are1️⃣. SUPREME - 3,750/= lkr2️⃣. PACKAGE (A) - 2,500/= lkr3️⃣. PACKAGE (B) - 1900/= lkr4️⃣. PACKAGE (C) - 950/= lkrTICKETS details in LKR.⭕️ ENTRANCE FEE 250/=⭕️ Any individual activities inside the L.world Rs 200/=Also you can find good foods and Drinks in the canteen on inside area. Foods also not bad...........................................................................🟢 Package (C) - Rs 950/= LKRAmusement Area (Dry Area) Activities.📍. Boat ride (pedalling boat)📍. Crescent Swing📍. UFO📍. Pirates Ship📍. Junior coaster📍. Super swinger📍. Swing AroundIt includes normal games so, Normally, everyone can play these activities. Like old ages , fear men or women , muslims Facecover girls etc...🔵 Package (B) - Rs 1,900/= LKRWater Related (Wet area) Activities.📍. Boomerang📍. Aqua Trail📍. Crazy Cruise📍. Multi Lane📍. Octopus📍. Kiddies Activities pool📍. Wave pool📍. Ladies pool (not specic for gender everyone can play)📍. Lazy River📍. Thunder CruiseAlmost everything has fun , I mean each and every leasure activities have lots of fun, especially #Boomerang, #Aqua Trail, #Crazy cruise, #Multy Lane, #Octopus etc...And there is no need to get an extra ticket or fee.🟣 Package (A) - Rs 2,500/= LKRThe Package A is = Package B+CSo, if you bought package (A), you can play both Package (B) and (C)🔴 Package SUPREME - Rs 3,750/= LKRIn this SUPREME, You can play and experience all the activities and games.And also some exclusive activities are thare like#Maverick, #Spring Ride, #Log flume, # #Bumper cars, #Game Arcade (only two coin), #Relaxing chairs these activities include only SUPREME Package.⚠️ But if you want play them while you haven't bought SUPREME pack you have to spend only Rs 200/=..........................................................................Finally, the guidance isEnter to the Leasure World before 12 pm, then you can manage your timing otherwise you don't have enough time to play all the activities. 1st play Dry Area (Amusement) activitiesSpecially get a tremendous experience on these specific 5 activities, these are the most fun and enjoyable things.Those are1️⃣ Crescent Swing,2️⃣ Spring Ride,3️⃣ Maverick4️⃣ Bumper cars,5️⃣ Log flume (log flume will open after 4.00pm). Once again i am telling you,And All water Related Activities.don't miss these activities andDon't waste your money buying unwanted packages.Clearly read this review, and get better experience on leasure World 💌If found it is helpful for you, just give a like through ( Helpful 👍) button.
11:46 24 Mar 24
LeisureWorld Water Park, nestled amidst scenic surroundings, provided an exhilarating day of aquatic adventures and amusement rides that left me thoroughly entertained. The wide array of rides and attractions caters to a diverse audience, making it a great destination for families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike.One of the highlights of LeisureWorld is its impressive selection of amusement rides. The water slides, in particular, range from heart-pounding twists and turns to more relaxed, family-friendly options. The variety ensures that visitors of all ages can find a ride that suits their level of thrill tolerance. The well-maintained slides and pools reflect a commitment to safety, providing a worry-free experience for both parents and adventure enthusiasts.The lazy river, a gentle meander through lush landscapes, offers a more relaxed alternative for those seeking a calmer water experience. The wave pool, with its rhythmic surges, is a definite crowd-pleaser, creating an exciting atmosphere for swimmers and sunbathers alike.LeisureWorld's attention to detail in terms of theming and aesthetics enhances the overall experience. The vibrant colors, tropical landscaping, and well-designed structures create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere. The park's cleanliness and well-kept facilities contribute to a positive impression.While the majority of the rides lived up to expectations, a couple of the attractions showed signs of wear and tear, and queues during peak hours can be a bit lengthy. However, the friendly and attentive staff members help manage the crowds efficiently, ensuring a smoother experience for visitors.Food and beverage options are available within the park, though the variety is somewhat limited. It would be beneficial for LeisureWorld to consider expanding their culinary offerings to cater to a more diverse range of tastes.In conclusion, LeisureWorld Water Park provides a thrilling and enjoyable escape from the mundane. With its diverse range of amusement rides, beautiful surroundings, and family-friendly atmosphere, it stands as a commendable destination for water-based fun. Minor improvements in ride maintenance and food options could elevate the overall experience, but, nonetheless, it promises a day filled with splash-tastic memories.
Lahiru ChamaraLahiru Chamara
13:13 25 Jan 24
Water activities were really great.Need more attention with regards to the safety though.No meals allowed from outside and they have a restaurant area with reasonable prices.Overall experience was excellent.Great Place to kids for enjoy. You can purchase a package for games in entrance or you can only purchase entrance ticket and then purchase tickets for each event.
Hasitha GanepolaHasitha Ganepola
00:51 16 Jan 24
Various activities are available here(Both wet and dry). Wet activities seem to be better than dry ones. It isn't the best-maintained amusement park in Sri Lanka. Especially, the machines in the dry area look old and do not seem well-maintained. It would be better if maintained properly than this. Remember to bring Nylon swimwear if you intend to use the wet area as the other type of clothes are not allowed there. Alternatively, you can buy them from inside shop or nearby shops. You can buy food from the inside restaurants.


LeisureWorld Water Park in Hanwella, Sri Lanka, offers a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. From thrilling water slides to kid-friendly attractions, there is something for everyone at this park. With strict safety protocols, convenient payment options, and rave customer reviews, LeisureWorld Water Park is the ultimate destination for fun and adventure. So, plan your visit today and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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