Nittaewo in Sri Lanka


Nestled within Sri Lanka’s lush forests lies a captivating yet mysterious tale—the story of the Nittaewo, often referred to as the “Dagger-Clawed People.” These enigmatic beings have held the fascination of both locals and travelers for generations, shrouded in myth and legend. Let’s delve into the attractions, cultural significance, and authentic experiences connected to the Nittaewo, exploring the natural beauty and adventure surrounding their intriguing realm.

Attractions and Landmarks

The Nittaewo have left an indelible mark on Sri Lanka’s cultural tapestry, with their stories being an integral part of the region’s folklore. As we embark on a journey to discover remnants of their existence, we unveil hidden caves, mysterious rock formations, and ancient settlements. Explorers can decipher the clues left by the Dagger-Clawed People, perhaps gaining insight into their way of life.

Cultural and Historical Significance

More than a fantastical tale, the Nittaewo represent a significant chapter in Sri Lanka’s cultural history. Their legend often interweaves with the narratives of indigenous communities and their interactions with the natural world. Through the Nittaewo’s stories, we gain insights into ancient societies’ beliefs, customs, and fears, offering a glimpse into Sri Lanka’s past.

Natural Beauty

The Nittaewo’s realm is situated amidst Sri Lanka’s breathtaking natural landscapes. Lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant flora provide a mesmerizing backdrop to this extraordinary tale. While exploring the region, you’ll be immersed in the serene beauty of the wilderness, reminding you of the delicate balance between human history and the raw power of nature.

Adventure and Recreation

For the intrepid adventurer, the journey to uncover the secrets of the Nittaewo offers a thrilling escapade. Hiking through rugged terrain, traversing dense jungles, and exploring remote caves invoke a sense of excitement and curiosity. The very act of unearthing forgotten stories adds an adventurous element to your trip, making it a unique and enthralling experience.

Local Cuisine and Dining

No journey is complete without savoring the flavors of the land. Indulge in Sri Lanka’s rich culinary heritage, sampling local delicacies that have been enjoyed for generations. From aromatic curries to delectable sweets, each bite tells a story of its own, connecting you to the communities that have thrived in this region for centuries.

Best Time to Visit and Weather Type

To experience the Nittaewo’s realm at its best, plan your visit during the dry season, typically from December to April. During this period, the weather is relatively mild, allowing for comfortable exploration of the forests and landmarks without the hindrance of heavy rainfall.

How to get there

Embarking on a journey to the heart of the Nittaewo’s realm is an adventure in itself. The route takes you through the stunning landscapes of Sri Lanka, providing a glimpse into the country’s diverse scenery. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting there:

  • Begin your journey in Colombo, the vibrant capital city of Sri Lanka.
  • Follow the Colombo-Kandy road, a major artery that connects these two cities and offers scenic views along the way.
  • Arrive in Kandy, a charming city known for its cultural heritage and lush surroundings.
  • From Kandy, take a left turn onto Sri Dalada Veediya, a bustling street that leads you towards your next destination.
  • Continue onto Hewaheta road, immersing yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you.
  • Take a left turn onto Tennekumbura-Rikillagaskada-Ragala road, winding through picturesque landscapes.
  • A left turn onto B492 will lead you past the Victoria Hydro Power Plant, a modern marvel in the heart of nature.
  • Another left turn onto Mahiyangana road continues your journey through serene surroundings.
  • Turn right onto Badulla-Karametiya-Andaulpotha road, passing by the Kuruwitenna Government School.
  • Take a right turn onto Bibile-Uraniya-Mahiyangana road, experiencing the gradual change in the scenery.
  • At the Mahiyangana Rd Junction, the Bibile-Uraniya-Mahiyangana road gently veers right, transforming into the Peradeniya-Badulla-Chenkaladi highway.
  • Turn left onto the Colombo-Ratnapura-Wellawaya-Batticaloa highway, a key route that guides you further towards your destination.
  • Pass by Lahugala Rural Hospital and the iconic Pottuvil Jct Clock Tower on your right.
  • Continue onto the Panama-Kumbukkana road, where the landscape continues to evolve.
  • Turn right onto the Kudumbigala Maha Thapowanaya road, setting the stage for the grand finale of your journey.
  • Welcome to the Kudumbigala Monastery Complex, a sacred site that has captivated generations.
  • As you explore this historical marvel, take in the serene surroundings and absorb the spiritual energy of the place.
  • Your journey concludes at Mahalenama Eliya, a distance of 356 km covered over approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes.

This route offers an unforgettable voyage through Sri Lanka’s varied terrains, from bustling cities to serene countryside and sacred sites. The journey not only brings you closer to the Nittaewo’s realm but also provides an opportunity to connect with the land’s rich history and cultural tapestry.

Best Hotels in the Nearby Area

For a comfortable stay that complements your Nittaewo adventure, consider these exquisite hotels in the nearby area:

  • Forest Haven Resort
  • Nature’s Retreat Lodge
  • Eco Oasis Resort


The Nittaewo’s realm offers a captivating blend of history, mystery, and natural beauty. As you journey into their territory, you’ll not only uncover the legends echoing through generations but also forge a connection with the land and its stories. From authentic experiences and cultural significance to the breathtaking landscapes framing their tale, the Nittaewo’s allure is a testament to the enduring power of human imagination and the enchantment of the wild.

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