The President Participates in IORA Day Celebrations


President Ranil Wickramasinghe also joined the “IORA” Day 2024 celebration held today (10) at the Galle Mouth Square in Colombo under the theme of “Ensuring a Sustainable Indian Ocean for Future Generations”.

The Indian Ocean Rim Association or “IORA” was established in 1997 and this year is celebrating its 27th anniversary.
Sri Lanka was also awarded the United Nations Priority Restoration Award last month for its initiatives to restore mangrove ecosystems.

Accordingly, at this moment when Sri Lanka has become a leading country committed to ocean conservation and its sustainable development, it is unique to hold the celebration of “IORA” Day 2024 in Sri Lanka.

The celebration was held with the participation of more than a thousand school students with many activities and the President who had a friendly conversation with the school students who were engaged in various activities, also visited the embassies of the member countries of the Union as well as the exhibition booths established by the government institutions of the country.

The occasion was also colorful with a parachute show presented by the members of the three armed forces and a horse show presented by the Sri Lanka Police Cavalry Division was also held.

Certificates were also awarded to the winners and winners of the national and provincial drawing and social media competition on “Ensuring a sustainable Indian Ocean for future generations”.

Also, in 2024, beautiful kites in the shape of marine life were released in the sky to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Society.

Minister of Foreign Affairs President’s Advocate Ali Sabri, Minister of State Taraka Balasuriya, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aruni Wijewardene, Secretary General of the Union of Indian Ocean Rim Countries Salman Al Farisi, Ambassadors and High Commissioners of member countries, diplomatic officers, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief of Defense Staff General Shavendra Silva, Navy Commander Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera and others were present on this occasion.

In addition, all the school children present were given the opportunity to join a sea trip with the help of the Sri Lanka Navy’s “Lanka Devi” boat to give them an understanding of the Indian Ocean.

President Ranil Wickramasinghe attended the IORA Day 2024 celebration in Colombo, focusing on a sustainable Indian Ocean for future generations. Sri Lanka, a leading country in ocean conservation, received the United Nations Priority Restoration Award for mangrove ecosystem initiatives. The event included over a thousand school students participating in various activities, including parachute and horse shows. Winners of drawing and social media competitions received certificates. Kites shaped like marine life were released to mark the 27th anniversary of IORA. Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Sabri and other officials were present. School children were given a sea trip to learn about the Indian Ocean.

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