The Presidential Academic Scholarship Lakh Program: A Valuable Resource for Students Facing Financial Hardships


State Minister of Education Arvind Kumar said that the “Presidential Study Scholarship” program implemented for 2024/2025 as a concept of President Ranil Wickramasinghe will be a great support for the successful completion of the educational activities of school children with economic difficulties.

The Minister of State also mentioned that 20 Regional Education Offices will be established with the aim of the education reforms to be carried out in the future.

The Minister of State for Education Mr. Arvind Kumar mentioned this while joining the news conference held at the Presidential Media Center on Friday (08) under the theme ‘One way to a stable country’.

The Minister of State who further commented said:

According to the idea of ​​President Ranil Wickramasinghe, the “Presidential Scholarship” program for 2024/2025 will provide great support for the successful completion of the education of school children with economic difficulties.

In particular, the lack of family income should not be a reason to lose the opportunity to continue education, even if you show merit in education. Therefore, our government is committed to solving the country’s economic crisis and protecting children’s educational opportunities.

Also, we have paid special attention to education reforms.

We hope to hold the General Certificate of Education exam in the 12th year ahead of the 13th year of the school. Also, we hope to hold the General Certificate of Education exam, which is currently held in the 11th year, in the 10th year.

The aim is to reduce the age of students who are selected for universities by another year. Accordingly, it must be said that it is also important for them to leave universities at a young age as graduates in applying for a job.

Also, we are ready to start “Pre-Grade” before first grade for small children. This decision has been reached based on the ability of children born today to understand anything very quickly.

Also, there are currently around 100 regional education offices throughout the island. With the new education reform, it is expected to increase the number of zonal education offices to 120 to further strengthen the education sector. It should be mentioned that it is an important decision taken for the quality of school education. We also hope to introduce a cluster education system by combining several schools for school education.

Teachers and principals are also to be appointed for the new education reforms. We also hope to make necessary recruitments for the existing principal grade vacancies.

State Minister of Education Arvind Kumar announced the implementation of the “Presidential Study Scholarship” program for 2024/2025 as a way to support school children facing economic difficulties. The Minister also mentioned plans to establish 20 Regional Education Offices to facilitate education reforms in the future. The goal is to ensure that lack of family income does not hinder access to education for deserving students. Additionally, the government aims to reform the education system by advancing the General Certificate of Education exams, introducing pre-grade schooling, increasing the number of education offices, and implementing a cluster education system. Plans are also in place to appoint teachers and principals to support these reforms.

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